My customers order is still showing lost in transit when its been delivered


My customer has contacted me to say when she looks at her ‘My Orders’ …the item she bought from me was still showing as 'possibly lost in transit ’

She was kind to alert me to this as she loved my product but this status prevented her from puting a review on for my product as the status should show as ‘Delivered’ before a review can be put on.

I read some other seller’s posts on this subject and it appears , if you purchase your shipping outwith Amazon and then update Amazon with the tracking number …Amazon’s systems don’t reconcile the tracking number , hence my customers orders will all show as ‘not delivered’ …and no reviews for me .

Has anyone else come across this and is there a resolution?

I have raised a case with Amazon …however they are asking for a screen shot …which i dont have and i dont want to ask my customer to do this and goodness knows if it will be accepted by Amazon and if i’ll be able to pass it on.




Good morning @ Karewatt

Hope you are having a nice start of the day :slight_smile:

I want to check if you have managed to resolve this issue and if you need support from my side?