My first pallet to FBA


Trying to get my head around sending LTL pallets into amazon. It’s more complicated than UPS. I have my Product Labels, Box Labels and Pallet labels. I assume the bill of laden is from the courier.

I’m using pallet to ship and selected PALL-EX as they are the cheapest and also deliver to amazon for £15. I’ve requested in the special instructions that the bill of laden must include the Amazon Reference ID. I also assume that the courier upon receiving the pallet will arrange the appointment to deliver to amazon.

However, when filling in the form to book the pallet service it’s asking for these details. Can anyone help me out.

What do you put down for contact name, email, number?

Also, any pointers on things I’ve missed when prepping my pallet would be much appreciated.


I guess you’ve dealt with this now as so much time has passed.

I keep looking around to see if there are better deals elsewhere but the cheapest pallet service I have found that explicitly delivers to Amazon FBA and has the online order form dedicated to Amazon is Pallet Online. National Pallets is another, but in my experience Pallet Online has been cheaper every time I compared.

Don’t assume a pallet company will make the appointments for delivery etc. unless they specifically state that they know how to deliver to Amazon and their booking forms request the information provided by Amazon.


Yes but thank you for being the only reply :rofl:

I’ve done 3-4 shipments now and finally got everything sussed.

It’s £60 includuded the £15 amaon fee for a half pallet and £90 inclusive of the £15 amazone surcharge with pallet2ship and pall-ex. I will try pallet online and see if they are cheaper but I am quite happy with the service from Pall-ex so far.


I generally send in full pallets on average for around £63 and half pallets at around £55 (depending on which fulfilment centre it goes to of course) via Pallet Online - all inclusive for Amazon. That might be including the £5 discount by having an account and using them a few times.


I’ll going to be all over that next shipment, I will be getting a quote there.