My Handmade application keeps getting rejected


Hi All,

I keep being rejected by Amazon handmade but I can’t understand why, I have an existing Etsy shop I have operated for more than one year with all great reviews.

I appealed the decision by emailing the extra requirements to

However I only received an automated reply some 13 minutes later saying I need to register with an Amazon selling account first - but I have one of these.

So I applied again as a new application under the handmade application tab and got an email back saying I was rejected again & that I can appeal.

If I appeal again surely I will just get another automated email saying I don’t have an Amazon selling account.

I have tried emailing both sell

Anybody with any ideas or had similar problems?

I did say I use power saws and lasers to engrave my products but jeez who doesn’t these days and I have seen lots of products on the handmade section that are clearly not handmade and produced in the thousands by CNC machines.


I keep banging my head against the wall here - Amazon just keep sending me an automated email copied below everytime I try to reopen the case. I do have an Amazon Seller Central account. I have appealed the decision prior to this sending all the requested details by email. But just keep getting this automated email below.

Did I miss something in the wording like ‘approved’ I have managed to list a product on my seller central account which is now live so my account must be approved right?

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

Information on Amazon Handmade can be found here:

An approved Seller Central account is required to submit an application to sell on Amazon Handmade. Once you have completed your Seller Central registration and are eligible to list, you can then apply to sell on Handmade here:

We recommend that you register as an Individual Seller and when approved to sell, you are eligible to upgrade your account to a Professional selling account and we will waive that fee!

Terms and conditions for selling in Amazon Handmade can be found here:

If you already have a selling account on Amazon, please see the Welcome to Amazon Handmade help topic in Seller Central:

Please let us know how we did.

Were you satisfied with the support provided?


Hi @MargoCraftShop , apologies for the delayed response here. I’m so sorry for this inconvenience you’ve experienced. What is the current status of your situation? We would love to help.

You can also DM me.




I have been approved now - I managed to list a couple of products in handmade.

But now when I try to add new products I am getting 5461 error - you may not create new ASINS for this brand.

But prior to joining handmade I was able to list products as not handmade with GTIN numbers I purchased from GS1 & I had brand approval for Margo Craft Shop to list these products.

Can you kindly advise? I will send a DM too… .