My listings disappeared


My items are unique to me that i make, one of them is always on top 1st page when typing in a certain gift, now i cant even put the whole title in and its not showing on amazon at all, even when i click my shop name nothing is there, unless i go into my inventory and click on them i can view them, Amazon have totally messed up the inventory search, sales were going well until yesterday :frowning:


Check browser nodes are still attached as well as search suppressed tab


yes checked also checked holiday settings all ok


Whats the asin ?..


Depending what product you mean, i see one that is out of stock, but others do show in search.


which one is showing out of stock pls?


I see that on page 1 …
Searching university survival kit gift


Thats strange as i normally can but cant now and sales have stopped


B08LY82N7W - shows as out from end of April.

The other one you posted comes through as number 1 in featured offers, but still shows otherwise.


thats really odd as ive had a friend check and she gets the same searches as me and she cant see it either


that asin is not one of myn


thank you both for checking :slight_smile:


check your “Recommended Browse Nodes” on vital info