My merchant account is suspended


Hello to everyone,
I sent my documents to open an account in Amazon Europe. Everything the right way the next day. "Dear Seller,

We were unable to verify the information you
provided when registering for a Selling on Amazon payment account and,
As a result, your Selling on Amazon payment account could not be opened.
Unfortunately, this means that you will not be able to continue to sell.
ten Amazon.

Please take appropriate steps to resolve any open
orders. Note that any amounts paid as a result of A-to-z Guarantee
claims and chargebacks
Seller Account. I received a case yesterday, but I still have no answer. All the documents I sent are correct. What else would you suggest I do?


I am sorry to hear that you are having a difficulty with verifying your Seller Account.

Invalid Account Status with a message about Amazon being unable to verify your information or selling history indicates that the documents which you submitted during registration or further verification didn’t match the details entered within the Seller Central.

I would suggest you to e-mail or respond to your existing case asking if they could inform you what was wrong and needs to be fixed.


Thank you, I just mailed. How many days do you think the mail comes in?


It can take anything from a few days to weeks for Amazon to review your submissions and get back to you.


Hello, as you said, I sent an email to 2 days ago. Today I received the mail as attached. But my account is still suspended.


Loads of have go this , mines been waiting 9 days


Unfortunately, this appears to be a very common issue as many sellers are reporting on the forum every day having their Seller Account still in a suspended status following a successful appeal.

I would advise you to open a case requesting Amazon to activate your account and include a screenshot of the notice which you received.


Did that yesterday but now day ten of this and no reply from amazon


Do you think my account will be active if I do this?


Yes, this is the recommended way how to resolve the issue which you are experiencing.


but they aren’t replying even on this Kika that’s the issue


You will really need to wait for them to get back to you as there are no response deadlines. This can take anything from a few days to weeks.


Are you deliberately posting to offend this is already a 2 week old issue


It can take even 30 days for Amazon to review your submissions and respond. The Seller Performance doesn’t respond in a timely manner. You will need to wait.


you are not answering the question Kika,the seller performance team notification occurred 2 days ago it is just not working


As I already mentioned, you will need to wait for the Seller Performance to address your submissions and this is normally taking anything from a few days to weeks.


Seriously mate - it can take several weeks. Don’t hold your breath.


speaking to other sellers some have had it same day,
when it happened to my former partner is was in 2 days,so its not the same
the point of this forum is not to get a resigned do nothing and sit on your hands for weeks,the purpose is to find how the people whom got it done fast achieved it,anybody can say do nothing,they might aswell get off this forum


Have you escalated your issue to the MD’s team yet?

You will need to be polite, concise and include a copy of your reinstatement notice.
The Executive team may then forward your info to the appropriate team with a request [instruction] to expedite this for you, or they may simply give you the same advice that you have already had, to sit tight and wait.


Did that 2 days ago .got no reply