My new account was suspened



I just opened a new account at Amazon, and paid £30 for prefessional selling plan. I listed a few item, then my account was suspended due to offering items that may infringe intellectual property rights or may be inauthentic. I hadsuppied two invoices related the items listed, 5 days later, Amazon sent another email that some of the items afre not in the invoices, then have sent other invoices and highligthed the items. I have been waiting for 3 days to get any news, is it notmal? When I sent the document, there was a notice that we will investigate the case within 1-2 days, but they wont. What shoould I do to get my selling privileges back? Another issue is I paid £30 for professional seller plan, but I could not sell any item for more than 10 days, and I do not know how long the process will continue. any suggesttion on it?



can you give an ASIN of one of the items so we can all help


one of it is a canon printer pixma mg 5750, its ASIN is B014TN9KG8


Have you checked with them whether or not you need permission to sell Canon goods?

Also, was the invoice from Canon or someone else ?


Yes I did,
the printer was not request a special permission.
and yes the printer was in my invoice I sent first, for the other items were in the fist invoice, I sent other invoices but no news about it. I sent them three days ago


@The_Little_Shop meant
Did you ask Canon whether you required permission from them to sell their goods on Amazon.
Printers come with a warranty, if you purchased these printers retail, from say Curry’s, then you would have benefit of the warranty but your buyer may not have that if the warranty is not transferable.

Were your invoices actually invoices from Canon or were they receipts from a store?
If retail receipts then they are usually insufficient for proving authenticity to Amazon


Downgrade your account to the Individual Selling Plan - you will not pay any more fees and you can then upgrade when you account is up and running again.
Go to Settings - Account Info - Your Services - Manage.


I already downgrade my seller plan,
but I meant that as the Amazon has not let me sell any item, may I request the proffessional seller fee back from Amazon?


When I try to list my printer, the system does not request mw to get any privite permissin from brand owner, why will I need to contact to Canon even, i do not understand? Do you do for your own items listed? I am not selling new printers, second hand so the printers do not come with any retail warranty. The invoices were from third-part supplier not from Canon


I could not reach Amazon to solve this issue, any suggesttion? I have been waiting for 4 days for just Amazon to check whether my items listed are in the invoices, but no news since then. how can I reach customer service of Amazon?


Yes, you can if you have not sold anything. You will need to open a case with Seller Support and they will pass it on to the correct department - be aware it could take some time.


but as my account is suspended, the system allows me to open a case for reactivating the account. Are there any other option to request the refund?


No, you need the account active in order to request a refund, whilst suspended you cannot do so, as you rightly say.

As your Printers were second hand and not listed as new [I hope] then the authorization from Canon is not required, however Amazon obviously still want to see your purchase invoice.
Were all the printers listed separately so that Amazon could clearly see them on it?
And was the “invoice” actually a receipt from a second hand dealer? In which case it cannot be verified so easily by Amazon.


you meant that until my account being active, I could not request the refund, right?

Yes I listed the printer as second hand, the printers were in the invoice I sent to Amazon, but other items I listes were not on that invoice, so Amazon asked another invoice shown those items. I sent the related invoice 4 days ago, but I could not get any news since then. Yes the invoixe fromm directly a second hand dealer


Could this be a part of your issue?
I thought electrical goods had to have a warranty, if not from the manufacturer then from you, the retailer?


for second hand electronic good? are you sure? All products whether new or second hand are under Amazon customer satisfaction warranty, probbably you did mean that. So all items I am selling do not comes with retail waranty but comes with seller waranty via Amazon


Any suggesstion how to reach Amazon customer service ??? I have been waiting for 5 days for just Amazon to check whether my items listed are in the invoices, but no news since then, I need to solve this issue asap.