My Sponsored Products Campaigns are not showing any impressions


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I have been selling a product for a few months now. It has the amazon choice badge for the main keyword. However, for the past couple of weeks, my keyword campaigns (sponsored products campaign) have gone from 20K impressions per day to 0. Interestingly, the sponsored display campaigns are still running as normal.

I have queried this with seller central support and they give me the standard reply - increase your bid! I also have an automatic campaign which suddenly stopped showing all impressions.

My bid is currently 10 times the suggested bid, and not a single impressions. Anyone know what is happening. I have posted another separate query where my listing is not showing up for the main keywords in the organic search results - beginning to think these two issues are connected (

Any help would be really appreciated, thanks.



This will make no difference if you don’t have the buy box, which will result in the campaign being paused.
First check that you still have the buy box, then your campaign status in case the reason is something else.


Hi there,

Thanks for your response. Indeed, I have the buy box. All my campaigns status’ is ‘Delivering’. Unfortunately, the keyword and automatic campaigns are not showing any impressions, while the rest are.



Has your listing been search suppressed?


Hi, thanks

As the other ads are working, and my listing is showing up for some keywords, it appears that the listing is currently active.



Yes it will still be active but it won’t appear in searches - hence ‘search’ suppressed

Go to inventory and click the suppressed tab


Hi, thanks

Yes, I have checked it again to be sure. My listing is not classed under suppressed.

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