My Sponsored Products (Earrings) are Suspended for No Reason!


Hello everyone,

I sell regular earrings made of stainless steel and out of no where, my products are suspended from Advertising. Suspension reason says:

“Products that may be used for questionable, or potentially illegal or dangerous activities are not allowed.”

Like I said they are simple earrings, I have been selling these earrings for almost 1 year now, without any problems, all through FBA.

Would anyone be able to explain to me what might be going on? Thanks.


Are you able to post the ASIN on here, so other sellers can look at the product details? Your seller profile name seems to indicate that they may not be simply items of jewellery


Additionally make sure the info on your listing is still accurate. Then try to find the ASIN on the other marketplaces in case someone has changed something there as that can happen.



Your listings mention guns, try writing "piercing-guns"instead. Also the listing above needs the gold plated description removed.



Thanks for the advice. It says gold plated because it has an actual gold plated variation.

I’ll apply the changes and post the results here.

Thanks again.


it is because we sell sterilised and hypoallergenic earrings. I don’t sell anything other than jewellery products. Someone somehow posted my ASIN below.


I have made the changes that you suggested but my when I try to create a new campaign, the products are still suspended (only within the Advertising portal) and therefore I cannot add them.

Any suggestions or advice?


The changes are not yet showing on the listing. You may have to wait another day or so for them to take effect


Awesome, thank you a lot.

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