Need help to understand how to move inventory from old account to new seller account



Need some guidance please ! I set up an Amazon seller account some time ago and ticked the UK only box at the time. Now I have my products in Amazon and selling by FBA I’m looking to expand to Europe too.

Because my account was UK only Amazon have said that they can’t enable the EU accounts under this original account, so asked me to set up a new seller account which is EU marketplace enabled.

I’ve done this now and understand I need to set up my listings etc under the new account. I’ve asked them how do I transfer my inventory over to the new account and they said I need to do a recover inventory into their Amazon warehouse and then create a shipping plan that then allocated the inventory from here to my new account.

I don’t understand as my inventory is already either them in the warehouse so how what address what I use to recover the stock (even though it’s not physically changing location) and how do I use that as the source shipping destination to my new account ?

…and do I need to stop selling from my listing just how until the stock is reallocated against the new account ? Will my product reviews be ok as they are against my ASINs and not my account ?

Any help appreciated !


This is 100% correct and you will need to remove the inventory and then ship it to FBA through the other store’s Seller Central.

Amazon doesn’t transfer inventory between different Seller Accounts.

Since you now operate multiple accounts, you will be unable to sell the same products across them.

They can be sold on the international Amazon marketplaces but not in the UK.


Thanks- I understand that now and wish to send the inventory to the new seller account. The part that confuses me is where di I recover my stock to before I can reship it back into Amazon ?

Amazon seller support said to recover to the Amazon warehouse and ship from there into the new seller account then I can close the old account.

The bit I’m confused is how do I recover to the amazon warehouse as its already there??


You will need to create a removal order and have the items shipped back to you.


Ok, that makes sense now. I will speak to my freight forwarder for shipping it back. Do you know if I need to change the barcodes that are printed on my product?

They are my own GS1 barcodes which we put on as EAN codes and amazon created the FNSKU for us to label our products with.


The same FNSKU barcodes cannot be used when shipping the inventory into FBA using a different account.