Negative feedback for FBA order


I got a negative feedback today for an FBA order for an item of jewellery. The buyer stated:
“You send me wrong item I get 2 glasses for Samsung galaxy”.
I do not sell anything remotely like this so the order must have been messed up by Amazon.

The feedback removal request was denied by amazon, but the entire feedback comment is about fulfillment or customer service for an order fulfilled by Amazon so i am confused…


Normally, if you receive a negative Seller Feedback for a FBA order, which mentions that the wrong item was received or sent, you will have the first removal attempt denied, however you need to stand your ground and request it’s removal again by asking Amazon to do a bin check and verify that the stock matches the SKU, which was ordered.

This always worked for me.


Was this an item in the Small & Light Program by any chance?

We stopped using S&L for this very reason. We only sold tote bags on S&L but our customers were getting anything from playing cards to golf teas to “a birthday card for my dead mother”.

The difference with S&L is that only the bin is scanned, not the product. So when something ends up in the wrong bin (which happens a lot) the customer gets the wrong item. It was a nightmare last Christmas so I stopped it after we got 3 negs on Christmas Eve. Ho ho ho …


Thanks i tried that. However after the physical check i was informed the goods matched the site description. I then asked them to remove the feedback. I was told to open a new case through feedback manager. This was not possible as the number of reopened cases had been reached. When i replied to the physical bin check case to ask what my next action should be i was warned not to proceed any further…
The saddest thing is i managed to convince the buyer to remove the feedback, but he was unable to figure out how to do it…


Advise your customer to follow this link, locate the specific order and then remove the unwanted feedback by clicking on the “Remove” button:


Thanks i already sent him that link but he didn’t remove the feedback


I just received another neg on this time - the customer reports they received a ‘sex toy’ instead of a coffee grinder.

I am starting to feel like I am being messed around with here.


if it always worked for you but never worked for me what does that suggest?


This thread was started a month ago.

Recently, Amazon changed the way how they process feedback removal requests and no seller is able to reopen a case or request feedback removal by a different way after already being denied through the Feedback Manager.