Negative feedback


Just received a negative feedback

Too large in size and looks fake

does it violate Amazon policy


Try clicking on Request Feedback Removal and when it asks you if it violates the feedback guidelines click Yes - it either will or it won’t !

Good Luck


It does not meet the stated reasons Amazon will remove feedback, hence neither the automated bot or SS will remove it.
I suggest you respond professionally to the FB


the automated bot has not removed it . Is it possible to contact customer service as it is really hurting my account health


please re-read my last post.


Thanks you for your advice


You can only contact the Buyer, perhaps prove to them that it is genuine as well, offer a discount, or say they can return if too large for them. Explain feedback issue and say you want to help to resolve the issue and perhaps they can remove the feedback.

You can give your phone number to resolve, but then confirm everything in writng via Amazon email.

You may also find the word ‘fake’ will cause you issues with Amazon, and they may stop you selling the item, and need proof that it is genuine, so I’d not highlight with them if I were you, and the Feedback will not be removed by Amazon, it is not on their list.


You have to be sooooo careful with any buyer interaction - it can all go horribly wrong if the buyer is unreasonable or Amazon get hold of the wrong end of the stick which is far too often.

I believe it is a violation to offer inducements re feedbacks. In addition, in my experience, those buyers who make accusations of fake are rarely happy unless they get a full refund and keep the item, and some are even more dishonest.
It is a rocky road to choose.


I agree it can go wrong, but many customers if they phone you (as you are not allowed to phone them), do want to resolve an issue and it maybe just returning the item, and gettng a full refund.

I always then email them via Amazon to confirm any actions, or agreements.

You cannot say for example I’ll give you £10 to remove the bad feedback, BUT, you can run through their issue and resolve something like, the items box was damaged, so a £5 refund given if required, or you will accept back for refund, and also show the way to remove the bad feedback as buyer/seller have agreed a solution.

Item very unlikely to be fake, but I have received some fake items in the past (bought from Sellers on Amazon), so it is possible, the Seller may not have checked well enough when they bought them, as can be the case, but then accept such concern when the Buyer phones and arrange a pre-paid label to return and full refund.

I’ve found if nice to even the worst Buyer, they are usually better over the phone than by email.

If only a reply by email, to try and resolve, that can also be worked out and feedback removed


When the bots pick up on this you’ll probably have to provide invoices from your supplier to prove the item is authentic and provide a POA.


Please to read that you have not come across unreasonable/dishonest buyers.



I do like your sarcasm!

We all have some terrible Buyers, and the trouble is Amazon back them up, if they didn’t far less would try to return broken items, etc, etc, etc.

BUT, I’m saying they tend to be far less brave on a phone call.

If they have left bad feedback, many think that is a good way to communicate and will phone and negotiate a solution if you message them


I assure you that was not sarcasm. My sarcasm is much less subtle, much more obvious as I wish to ensure that 90% of readers or more actually get it.

it was an honest inference from your statement that " if nice to even the worst Buyer, they are usually better … "
Clearly you have never dealt with those I have come across.
The worst never communicate, simply lie to Amazon and get a full refund without returning the item. The money has actually gone before you know there is an issue.
Other poor examples of the human race, lie and threaten, in the hope that fear produces the refund quickly and at the same time they get the adrenaline rush from entering and winning battle.
Neither of these will ever phone you and should you deign to phone them you place your business on the line as they will certainly report you to Amazon for violation of policy rules.

Clearly the ones you have phoned were a little irked at something but reasonable people underneath.


Totally agree most specimens don’t respond to any form of contact.


I have come across them I assure you. I am aware there are a lot of horrible Buyers, and Amazon encourages their methods of lies and deception.

But, it is worth trying all avenues to try and remove bad feedback, and to note I did say to email the Buyer via Amazon email with the Sellers phone number, so it is the Buyer ringing the Seller. Saying that they will try to resolve the issue causing the bad feedback, etc.

Yes, it has worked a number of times for us, the ones that ignore are more than a pain, as you say


Amazon WILL ALWAYS find in the buyer’s favour, telling you any old trot as the reason. I got rotten feedback for selling somebody a CD that matched their own (Amazon) description, to the letter. The buyer claimed he’d bought a boxset of the same title, one that came with another four discs and a book. This version was clearly not the deluxe edition they wanted, which does exist and can be bought for a couple of hundred quid. Mine was sold at £10. Easy mistake for someone to make, NOT, nor had I given the impression it would be any different from that which was pictured. And they also decided that I’d inconvenienced the customer. Seller support isn’t a description that is merited. I’ve just had to take it on the chin, but as I sell very little then the volume of feedback left is quite small. Still, every other customer that left me feedback meant it was at a 100% positive rating, now reduced to a satisfaction rating of around 80%. I’m pleased to say it hasn’t deterred everybody, but I’m not sure I’d even buy from a seller with such an apparently poor rating, and it must have put some off. They’ll do nothing for you at this fabled support entity, and I would rather not ask for any. It is pointless and will achieve little more than making you angrier.


If you have received a defamatory feedback and seller support refuse to remove it and it is seriously affecting your business the only real option to you is to contact your solicitor and have them issue a defamation notice and send it by snail mail to the following address:

Amazon UK
Legal Department
Patriot Court
1-9 The Grove
SL1 1QP.

Upon receipt you may find the offending feedback magically disappear.


Thanks, Abbey Botanicals. I’ve made a note for future reference.


The legal department hasn’t been in slough for a few years it has a central london address if you Google it


Amazon customer service are useless.

We had one item was small. They refused to pay return to the usa return address. Opened a claim. Amazon said they had to pay it. Threy paid we refunded. Our metrics effected. Unfair but that amazon. So then comes the negative.
Buyers beware worst seller on amazon. Was forced to pay the return. Amazon stepped in and refunded.

No we refunded it and top this they messaged us that they want $20 compensation as they were put in the effort to return.

Amazon cs refused to remove it as we didnt give the service the buyer wants. So following the policy is useless. Given them a free return and $20 compensation is what amzon want us to do.

The policy is useless.
Pretty annoyed to be honest.
Its unfair system.

Ebay are so nice you ring them talk to them and they look at all aspects and remove unfair feedbacks.