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Hi, I received a negative feedback because we cancelled the order from a competitor which amazon will not remove.
I also did some research on the competitor and his account is full of fake reviews.
Any advice will be appreciated.



The reason I’m guessing that you got the bad feedback, was due to the order being cancelled.
At the end of the day, it’s not something that Amazon will accept as a reason for removing it.

Your only option, is to make a complaint about the buyer.
In Amazon’s eyes, you are in the wrong for cancelling an order.


The reason I cancelled the order was that he was selling the same item worth over £500 which he bought from me .
When I searched his address I saw he also had a store on amazon and this feedback are from same people for multiple times. Correct me if I am wrong his store is called GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY LTD. Thanks


Oh I get that, but the problem is, that if you cancel an order, you automatically put yourself into the wrong.
With a very quick search on google. Global Technology ltd, is actually a Telecoms company.
The one on Amazon with that name, is a company called PARTS4YOU-1 LTD


That alone, is probably breaking the rules.
First, I would suggest that you report to Amazon as the company is misrepresenting themselves.
And secondly, contact the real company, who I would imagine, won’t be very happy at some fool on Amazon using their company name.


Last year there were several threads about this issue - sellers having multiple, obviously fake, postitive feedback as apparently uploaded in bulk on the same dates with same ‘buyer’ name and repetitive comments. They also seemed to manage to delete the genuine neg. feedback.
This was reported many times, and we believe a couple of sellers were suspended, but these rogues soon find another loophole to manipulate.

So , he bought from you and is now selling it at a higher price ?


Yes I have reported violation.
Did you check his feedbacks? Do they seem genuine to you .


He bought it from me but I did not fulfill the order, as I thought I would get a return request soon and will have a old item returned back.


THIS ADDRRESS is defunct (for a number of years now) - Amazon not longer have offices there in Slough.
I believe London is their UK Head Office, but I’m not sure of the address without googling it. I think its been shared on other Topics though - so you can try to search the forums for it


A wee bribe maybe but write to customer, do not email…


That’s great !! Just suggest a violation of Amazon policies, in OPEN FORUM. Classic :weary:


tut-tut… this is not the way to go


I haven’t sent one for a few years so yes, i admit it could be out of date. This is one of Amazons shortcoming; they don’t make their addresses very visible even though according to UK & EU law they are supposed to make it easily accessible.


Just looked it up in user T&C and the new address is

Defamation Notices,
Amazon EU Sarl, UK Branch
c/o Amazon UK Services Ltd, Legal Department
1 Principal Place
United Kingdom


What happens if the OP provides the evidence to show the item is authentic? Will they then remove the feedback?


Doubt it very much - you see if there is any possibility - any whatsoever - that the buyer is right and the seller is wrong, no matter how remote or how improbable then Amazon will side with the buyer.
In this case they can say the seller has NOT proved the actual product, that 1 example, that the buyer received IS genuine - it could have come from anywhere, regardless of what genuine invoices the seller produces.


Then what is the point of Amazon asking for copies of invoices etc ? If the seller is not going to be believed no matter what then it seems a waste of time.
To my mind a buyer saying that an item is a “fake” needs to be investigated properly before Amazon publish it.


I do not think they did ask for invoices in relation to the Feedback Removal request.

In regard to any decision re suspension recent invoices showing genuine articles have been purchased to sell in the future usually do the trick.

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