Negative Inventory Receipts


Dear Fellow Amazon Sellers,

Forgive me if this topic has already been broached - I have found a considerably helpful thread on the US forums, but nothing on the UK forums.

Experiencing an accounting nightmare with ‘Negative Inventory Receipts’, that is an internal stock transfer not classified as a ‘Whse Transfers’. This results in missing inventory for weeks on end and a resulting shipping contents discrepancy.

Allow me to share an example:

Here you can see:

  1. 53 units received in total
  2. A negative receipt from 15 units (n.b not a Whse Transfer
  3. A transfer of 15 units from BHX4
  4. A receipt of these 15 units at DSA6
  5. Another negative receipt for 15 units

So, what happens to these two 15 unit negative receipts? I have 30 units less in inventory, and am now waiting for the sooner of a) a positive receipt of these units somewhere b) roughly 60 days so I can file a missing inventory reimbursement claim.

This particular case is nuanced somewhat further, as you will see a receipt at BHX4 for ‘0’ units on 19/12. This box should have contained a 15 units… So I appear to have both a missing shipment contents AND potentially missing inventory, all within the same shipment… Wish me luck in dealing with Seller Support…

Anyone else experienced issues like this? Have quite a few cases of negative inventory receipts leading to missing stock for a undefined period of time… This is also compounded by the fact that it completely throws off the GUI in the Shipping Queue… We have proof that inventory is received from Reports, yet the numbers stated in the Shipping Queue are understated by the Negative Inventory Receipts… (see below)

Be good to hear other peoples thoughts and experiences. Amazon could definitely do better with making this all clearer…