Negative review not being counted in overall star rating


I received my first 1-star review on May 22nd, it’s a “verified purchase”.

I am pretty convinced that it was left by a competitor because the review is unusually long, worded in a very condescending/rude way, and it contains 4 different points which are blatant lies (I’m not just saying that because I’m upset, they are absolutely lying). In addition, the person has not left any other reviews and uses a pseudonym that I can’t connect to any particular order. Despite all this, the content itself does not appear to violate any review guidelines.

Here’s the confusing part - Amazon shows the text/content of the review but it is not included as part of my overall star rating. My overall rating is 4.9 stars and shows “0%” for 1-star reviews. The only way you can see the review is by clicking “see all reviews”

I’m thankful that this is the case, but it’s also very strange/confusing. Does anyone know why this would happen?

I’m wondering if it’s because Amazon has flagged their reviewer profile for some reason. If that’s true, should I log a support-case trying to get the review removed? Even though it’s not considered in my overall star rating when people click “see all reviews” it’s the only critical review that shows, and it’s definitely hurting my conversion rate.

I will also note that on May 23rd I received a 5-star review which was immediately reflected in my overall star rating… it increased the count by 1 and upped my average rating from 4.8 to 4.9 stars.

Appreciate any thoughts/advise.


The percentage/ star rating depends on your overall number of reviews.

If you have hundreds of positive reviews, then 1 negative may not affect it.


Fair point. My review count is currently 10 which is 9x 5-stars and 1x 4-star.

If the 1-star were included the count would be 11 and the “1-star” section would be showing ~9%


Hi Kika - see my other post in this thread. Your point makes sense but I only have 11 reviews (including the 1-star). The review summary shows 10 total reviews, 9 of which are 5-star and 1 is a 4-star. The 1-star is no where to be found in the summary.

Any thoughts?