New Account Deactivated Already, need help


I recently opened up a Amazon seller account, however they requested I verify my Identification, which I did my uploading my passport. However I got an email today saying my account has been deactivated.

I live in Canada however I am a UK citizen and have a UK tax number, bank account etc.

I used my Canadian number in the profile so I not sure if that played a role in something.

Anyway can someone point me in the right direction as to what to do next to get my account reactivated.



All of your uploaded documents need to exactly match the details you used to create your account. You don’t say which Amazon platform you have signed up to but whichever one it is, all your documents need to match.


I need help first i receive an email from amazon on my seller account that £30 was taken out of my account and next my new account have been deactivated I have been trying to call this phone numbers 02070847901 and 08004961081 but no respond what can I do next.


The same is happening here. There is no one responding to Cases and Requests Log. Tried everything provided all the information and they still keep saying Your account has been deactivated. There is no clear information what to do next. How can we contact anyone from amazon?

It’s been nearly 4 days and there is no response.


This is a pointless exercise as telephone support has been temporarily suspended. You may have noticed that the Coronavirus crisis hastaken over everybody’s lives now. What will happen (now that you’ve noted it here) is one of the Amazon moderators will see your message over the next day or two and they will respond here and advise you what to do. You will need to be patient though, unfortunately.


And I would refer the response to Calmz Foods to you as well. Just sit tight and a moderator will pick up on your messages.


No Moderator have contacted me for over a week now and when I try to downgrade it just say:

Selling privileges temporarily removed

We can only answer questions about your suspended account status. If you were recently reinstated, it may take up to 1 hour for your status to be updated.


What is the status of my account and why was my account suspended?


You can check your account status here in your account info. Also regularly check any messages, banners or notifications. Amazon will contact you if they need further information.
PS. If your account / documentation is being verified, this can take weeks.


As I said on your previous thread - this is a forum for fellow sellers and not Amazon itself - we cannot answer your questions, only give advice if you post your notifications from Amazon.


There is no response so far. its been 2 weeks now. This is what they said:

I am responding to your question regarding account Issue. I would like to assist you with your questions and help you to reactivate your account.

In order to address account Issue, I will be transferring your case to a skilled team for further assistance.

So far no one from skilled team has responded so far :frowning_face:


more or less same situation here. seems like skilled team is not so skilled :slight_smile: