New Account verification has now passed 4 weeks


I submitted my documents in the first week of July 2020 and my account has still not been verified. It has passed the 10 working days per the Amazon guideline.
How long does it take?
Seller support is unable to help. I have written to the verification team but no response.
I have checked my account status and all it says is that "Your account is in good standing, no issues, we will get in contact if we need further information.
Just wondering if there is anyone else in the same boat? and if there is anyone that has had to wait longer?
Is there anything I can do to get a response from Amazon?


It is taking longer at the moment. Just have to be patient. Could be another 2 or 3 weeks. Or later today.


If you check this forum you will see numerous people in the same situation as you - waiting weeks, even months.
There has been a huge influx of new sellers opening accounts since lockdown, and Amazon’s 10 days is woefully wrong.


I am new to the forum, still finding my war round how it all works, am sure there are numerous new sellers but I didn’t know hence me posting a question on the forum.
Amazon should inform new sellers that it is currently xx weeks or xx month’s rather than keeping sellers waiting especially when my second months’ £30.00 monthly fee has been charged and I have not even started selling.


You can downgrade your account to stop further charges. You can also open a case to ask for a refund on the fees paid if you haven’t been able to sell.


Yes, you need to downgrade to Individual Selling Plan (NOT the Individual account) so no more fees paid.
Go to Settings - Account Info - Your Services - Manage, and downgrade from Professional Selling Plan.
Then request refund.
Once you are up and running then you can upgrade again if you want to.
You need to sell a minimum of 34 items a month to be financially equal, BUT you cannot set your own shipping rates on the Individual Selling Plan.


It is taking time. Im on 5 weeks now. Frustrating. Agree that it would make all the difference to know a realistic target


My verification has just been completed. My account is now live and I have just sent in my first shipments this week.

Verification took 13 weeks.


Thanks for updating with a time-frame. But that is depressing news…


Getting the same issues my side - taking a while for verification even though all documents were provided. Amazon told me should be a max of 10 working days but it’s obvious that it’s not true.

Support will not be able to give you any updates - unfortunately, and sadly, we just have to wait.

In the meantime it’s better to focus on other provider platforms to make sales.

What a let down by Amazon - service seems to be slipping. The worst part being a lack of updates.

I got allocated an account manager who mentioned I haven’t list items yet - hmmm…well Amazon, you haven’t verified my account so how am I supposed to list!


Well done for keeping the patience for waiting 13 weeks ! and getting approved, all the best with selling on Amazon.

Did they ask for further information after you submitted your information?


@ A.T.Inc

After creating this post it must have prompted seller support to send me an e-mail, their advise is the same as the replies on here that I should downgrade to an Individual account to avoid further fees, and that my application is with the verification team.

Will have to bear patience.


I am gobsmacked - Amazon SS actually giving sensible advice !


OK - just a quick update - finally verified. Took in total 13 working days which I guess is not far off from the 10 day target (and considering covid situation out there) - Thank you Amazon


Did you chase them during the 13 weeks or sit back and wait ?


I would be interested to know as well, as I’ve read others say that the more you send a message to ask for an update the longer it takes as it puts you at the bottom of the pile !
I’ve sent two chasers so far, won’t be sending anymore.


This also happened to me although we did go back and forth many times due to getting everything marching correctly and I had to ask permission to access the edit my profile and change my name to the name on my documents and not my store name. You sure learn EVERY DAY during an Amazon journey.
I also went straight for professional as alot of the amazon you tubers advise but its not a good idea at first as the set up time and process of it all does not happen quickly and before you know it a month has gone! I got my refund back and seller support were very helpful. I cannot fault them so far. They have guided me through the process which for me was quite frustrating at times. It’s good to know how secure and strict they are with their sellers though as you feel the platform is not saturated by unethical sellers.

Today though… (here’s when the frown turned upside down) I went to list my first product which I had shipped to my home so I could check over my first order etc and it has said I’m not able to sell it and when trying to go through the approval it has said they are not taking applications at this time. I’m now stick with my first 120 units which I cannot even list :frowning:


@ KBpremiumdesigns
It can feel like one challenge after another sometimes, all part and parcel of running a business.
That is a shame that you are stuck with 120 units, is it a particular brand that is restricted / gated ?
I am no expert at this but you may need to list some other products that you are allowed to sell in order to build your performance with Amazon. Try asking an expert on the forum, a lot of other sellers seem very helpful. All the best.


Most definitely part of the parcel and most days I’m.really enjoying it as I love to learn but the frustration crops in every now and again.
I’m in the process of designing my own brand. Next step is trademark. I got these as a starting point to test the waters etc. I wish I hadn’t now and have definitely learnt to always check if able to sell. I’ve heard along the grape vine that Amazon has been doing this alot with certain categories just lately. I assume due to covid and the product not being of a great need maybe? Who knows! That could be wrongful thinking. Yes you are correct with what you are saying re showing you are a good seller etc. I’ve acknowledged this in previous researching so I thought starting with a small product which is popular at this current time due to the spec it matches that it would be a good shout. Obviously not. I have read in a recent forum to keep trying daily and it may just all of a sudden get lifted. It’s not a hazardous or gated category.

#justkeepswimming :grin:


Yes. Many times. Many emails. Spoke to seller support three times. All friendly but unable to do anything useful.