New Amazon Selling Rules/Documentation and a PO Box


Hi I have been trying to verify my account with all the documentation amazon suddenly need for over 2 months now (been selling on here for 4 years). I have just one left now and they will not reply to my emails and chat cannot help. I have a PO Bo which is the buiness address for returns etc. I can show them invoices for this in my name or business name which they will not accept, they will only take an utility bill. These all relate to our home address and thus have that on it so they will not accept them as address does not match.

Can anyone assist as I have asked what other PO Box users are submitting and they cant tell me?


they told me earlier today that they can unlock things and change it to my home address but then it shows on the screen for anyone to see and the returns have to go it - hence not appropriate and also means PO Box then could not be used for returns.


I have two addresses stored in my details with amazon one is the PO Box which is the one customers can see and the returns go to.

The other is the home address which is the one used for me to live in and for HMRC etc.

So they have both and I have provided all ID asked for but now they want a home address utility bill or bank statement with the PO Box address on it which is impossible for me to provide as utilities come to the address you live in and the bank statement with my name and home address they have already accepted.


oh OK I have now managed to see the seller account info screen and now they have all addresses set as my PO Box - this is not something I have done as before I could not log in or edit (still don’t think I can). And also means there was no reason to show proof of my home address if they have now altered it? I presume this is causing the problem.

I have the address under the sections

Business Address
Vat Address (I am not vat registered)
Return Address.

Can one of these be changed to fix the problem and for my home address to not appear on my store homepage?


So get the business address changed to meet requirements.
Why would the utility supplier refuse to change to actual address?


As said previously I cannot have my personal address showing for reasons not related to this.

I checked all of this with HMRC when I set my business up and its all fine and again with Amazon and EBay when I opened my stores. I know I am not breaking any rules as I checked everything before I ever opened the business or in this case my amazon storefront.

I just dont know why a utility bill in my name at the home address and invoices or other sorts of bills in my name and the business name at the PO Box are not what is needed as initially that was what I was asked to provide.


A PO box is not acceptable as a registered business address. If you are a Sole Trader it would be either your home address or your business address Amazon will need you to provide details for. If you are a company it will need to be your registered company business address.


What do HMRC have as your business address?


If you have entered the PO Box number as your business address they will try and verify it. As a sole trader your business address needs to be your home address (unless you have a shop or warehouse you trade out of, etc)


I think your best bet is requesting via Seller Support that the Verification Team “unlock” your registration to show your home address as your business address. If that doesn’t work maybe some-one with the same set-up will offer forum advice.


They have never told me a PO Box is not acceptable I have traded for over 5 years with one and I sell from my own website, amazon and ebay. Paypal, HMRC and amazon up to now have never had a problem with this as if it cannnot be used what is the point of a PO Box address for my business paperwork? It costs me a lot of money per year.

I cannot have my own personal address listed. And yes I am a sole trader.


Just re-read this and realised what you mean, they all have the home address as well. But I have the PO Box showing as the address for returns and business paperwork, etc. They have not asked me to change all of this but to show a utility bill to that address in the company name which it is impossible for me to have.


they have the home address as do amazon. I have showed verification documents for this I have shown HMRC documentation they have accepted, driving licence, bank statement and utility bill. All for home address in my name, they just need something now in business name with PO Box - I have hundreds of invoices, bills i pay etc but they will only take a utility bill, rent bill (not sure what that is), bank statement. But these are all in home address and they have already seen these. I am hoping someone else with a PO Box can tell me what they have shown as Amazon are not assisting me.

I have webhosting bills, google adword bills etc I ca show but they wont take any of them.


yes sorry I am confused I have done all of that and all of that has been accepted.


I don’t think Amazon are trying to make you publicly reveal your home address. You have to show a returns address on your Amazon seller account registration (and provide the returns address to buyers on request) but it doesn’t have to be an actual business address.


Is your home address listed as the address on amazon? Then they should accept it. If not they will refuse it.
The amazon account and documentation have to match. Does not matter about other sites or a while ago on amazon.


Do you pay charges for the PO Box address? If so have you tried uploasing a copy of your latest invoice from the charging company showing both the PO box address and your home address?



Business Address-your home address
VAT address-N/A
Return Address-PO Box address.


That might work.


Thank you I just tried to do that but the business one it states on that screen is the one that then appears on your page for customers to see (on another section it does not say this). I was then going to check this but it wouldn’t let me edit it anyhow. Two sections were showing as red and in there they had set my home address as my PO Box so I have been able to change that back and then in another section they had my old home address showing (I moved last September). All of these sections are incorrect and have not been completed by me, was trying to change it all but now they are not showing in red and I am unable to edit again or do anything.

I don’t have a clue whats going on!