New Amazon Selling Rules/Documentation and a PO Box


Yes I pay per year. It’s a royal mail one but I have not been sent a paper based bill for at least the last two years (they only did it for the first two years) they just take the money out of the bank account annually as a direct debit.

I have tried to contact them about this as I wanted to change my home address plus I am supposed to get a new card each year but they have never got back to me or done anything. I even thought the card could count as ID in someway for this as its got the names on it and my signature etc.

I think I will try contacting royal mail again as they must be able to provide me with something that will help.


For anyone in the same boat they have instantly refused to accept the PO Box bill as its not a utility bill even though I also emailed it over with an explanation of what it is as well. They have replied and told me to attach a utility bill in my name and home address. I have now done this and emailed it to them but this is what I did months ago and they said it was wrong :frowning:

At this rate I will have to PDF everything I possibly have and then email it all to the managing director as there is nothing else I can do if they keep telling me to send in something and then its wrong.


I have had the details PDF-ed over to me by royal mail and I have emailed to amazon and put in as relevant document but I had to put it as internet bill as no other option.

Its the PO Box annual bill so dated March 2015 and then the copy date is today as you only pay once a year. So it has my name, the business name and my home address on it and states it is for the PO Box. So if someone reads it they will see its correct but I am not sure they will do that as they will just see the address and say it does not match the PO Box as it can’t as its my bill for the PO Box :frowning:

To open a PO Box you have to go through a sturdy verification process so it should definitely count but I am not sure Amazon’s way of doing things matches with normal processes.

I have now sent 3 emails today, 2 documents, online chat who could not help and they then opened it as an urgent case and no-one has even replied. I can literally sent them PDF’s of about 200 documents if they want them - most of my invoices have my name, business name, PO Box and home address all listed on them (one for delivery and one for invoice) so why on earth that doesn’t count as a bill I really don’t know as its a bill I have to pay.

I just wish someone else on here had been through the same thing with a PO Box and how it was resolved.

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