New Automate Pricing feature will help protect your margins


To let Automate Pricing adjust your prices both up and down, we have added a new feature. In addition to keeping your prices competitive, Automate Price rules can also be configured to increase your prices.

When you configure price rules to compare against prices from retailers outside the Amazon store, we can increase your price when the external price increases. This applies when there are no other offers for the same item in Amazon’s store that meet your rule criteria.

To use this new feature, go to Automated Pricing and enrol your SKU in a Competitive Featured Offer rule or Competitive Lowest Price rule, and configure your rule settings to compare with prices outside the Amazon store.

Automate Pricing is free to use and helps increase your chance to be the Featured Offer by adjusting your prices quickly and automatically in relation to competing offers for the same product.

To learn more about Automate Pricing, go to Adjust pricing quickly and automatically.


But do you now take into account that some of these prices from retailers outside the Amazon store may charge postage on top of the product price? Whereas most sellers on Amazon have the postage included in the retail price?

For instance I sell at £2, free post.

A retailer online sells the same card for £1.50, however he charges a minimum of £1 postage

Are you going to automatically reduce my price to £1.50? Or raise it to £2.50?


Amazon have never considered the delivery price of an off-amazon retailer.

we had a video game last autumn we had it on amazon at 13.90 with prime delivery.
they compared it to a retailer offfering it at £8.99 + 4.99 delivery, but only considered the headline price and not the delivered price.

and as a result - no buy box - followed by price warnings as they mysteriously now labelled a reference price of £8.99 against this product


The news post says it will increase the chances of getting the buybox if enrolled, but is that by 50% or by 0.005%?


so I sell second hand books. I have had Amazon take one of my books off sale for being , presumably. ‘overpriced’, even though its the cheapest copy I could find listed anywhere. Would automated pricing allow me to list list it at a realistic sum ?