New EFN trial - Causing havoc to Manage FBA Inventory Report


Hi, is anybody else on the trial version of the new EFN programme? Effectively re-introducing the EFN since it was closed down after BREXIT.

It has completely altered our Manage FBA Inventory report.

We use almost exclusively the Manage FBA Inventory report for all stock enquiries, accountancy reporting and stock management planning.

In the past few days the Manage FBA Inventory Report has changed, since the EFN went live.

Before Brexit the Manage FBA Inventory report downloaded in the UK and the EU were identical as we were using the PAN-EU program.

After Brexit the report showed us exactly what stock was in what disposition and stage of arriving into the UK or EU. i.e. they were completely separate reports and were used to handle supply of stock to the UK and EU separately. Which was of course required as they needed to be dealt with completely separately.

Now the reports seem somewhat combined. My German, Italian, Spanish and French Manage FBA inventory reports are showing stock as fulfillable that is not physically in the EU, It seems to have UK stock numbers upon some lines on EU SKUs (not all SKUs I may add, which is baffling me even more) . I understand as this is probably because we have turned on the EFN recently.

However this leaves us no report that is equivalent to the Manage FBA Inventory, which was used 100% to manage the flow of inventory by us, and many FBA businesses. It used to show us what was planned stock going in, at warehouse, what condition. Now we do not seem to have a report that will exclusively tell us what is in the UK and what is in the EU that will include stock that is planned, on it’s way, i.e. the total amount of stock considered by Amazon.

Please can anyone help assist in this. I know the program is only a fee days old and perhaps this is an oversight by Amazon to change this report in such a way? We are now in a position where the Manage FBA Inventory report is now different in UK vs the 4 EFN countries and again vs the non-EFN EU countries, neither showing planned+physical stock for those areas exclusively but combined somewhat and this makes it impossible to plan now to send stock across the UK/EU border.

There is effectively no singular report to show stock on route and phycically in UK or EU warehouses, I think?

Please help


I’m not seeing any sales from EFN yet - did you receive confirmation that you were accepted on the programme and if so, how did you get the confirmation?

How has you Manage FBA Inventory changed? Do you mean the one accessed on Seller Central via the drop down menu, basically a list of all your FBA SKUs?

Ours has been in a state of flux for a while - some SKUs falling off their parents, losing bullet points & keywords - but we haven’t seen anything becoming active that we only have stock for in the UK, and we aren’t sure if our application to join the program has been successful of not. We have reducing stock levels in EU, and are concerned that delay in accessing program will hit our post-Brexit EU sales further.

Have you looked at the Multi Country Inventory Report? This tells you what is sitting in FCs by country.

Happy to help/share info further as we are similarly new to this relaunch.


We were supposedly signed up for the Pilot, but I didn’t believe it had gone live. Had an email from Amazon yesterday saying that they were postponing it for us (and I assume for us) because of exactly these sorts of issues.


The EFN is definitely now live, we are seeing the odd sale, maybe 1 per day.
I raised a case with Seller Support, and received confirmation that we are enrolled, plus a link to how to find out enrolled ASINs.
(the report is at the bottom of the page - you need popups enabled in order to download it)

The report shows us most of our ASINs are ineligible due to Import or export restrictions. Perhaps this is because Country or Origin info WAS missing (we’ve now completed that across all our ASINs). I’m going back to Seller Support to see if I can find out why, and how to enable them.

Getting a little further!


Is this an invitation-only programme?



@puzzled_seller Yes it was invitiation only to start with. We recieved an email stating approval. I haven’t looked in to sale quantnites as of yet but the price seems to be PAN-EU price +a fixed Amazon shipping cost to compensate for the international border.

@Thingimijigs that report you showed shows PAN-EU skus.

In terms of my original questions re: stock reports I have no further updates, but they are looking in to getting things resolved and visible to a more live and inbound state compared to the MCI report.


Yes, we are awaiting a response from Amazon as to why most of our SKUs are marked as ineligible for EFN. The fact that it’s taking a while to get a response I view as a positive - perhaps they have passed it on to someone who actually knows what they’re doing. I’ll report back when I get an answer.


Where is it possible to get a report of these fees? My repricer tool is currently not picking this shipping cost up.