New Inventory Ledger report


I understand amazon have replaced some of the reports with a new one called the ‘Inventory Ledger’ report?

Does anybody know how to distinguish some of the definitions it uses?

For example, there is a column for ‘damaged’ however in our report for the last 30 days it shows 0 units ‘damaged’, given usually we have 5-10 warehouse damaged units a month, i find it highly unlikely that we’ve had 0 warehouse damaged items in the past 30 days.
Does anyone know how to filter the report for warehouse damaged items now?

There’s also a column for ‘Other events’ however no indication of what are ‘other events’ - anyone got any ideas?

IMO, the inventory adjustments report was way more useful for keeping track of warehouse lost or damaged inventory, and the old ‘received inventory’ report was much better at keeping track of inbound shipments as they were unpacked.

Any help of advice appreciated, many thanks


Hello @MSG_Bike_Gear,

On this link you can find some explanations for each columns on Inventory Ledger report

If you change the date range or to monthly view is still not showing those damaged products.