New Payments report page launched for deferred transactions


We are pleased to announce the launch of a new page in Seller Central that will make it easier to track payment reserve amounts at the individual order level. Starting September 23, the new Deferred transactions page will be live under Payments reports. The Deferred transactions page will list individual orders currently deferred, the corresponding amount(s) and the dates(s) when funds will become available for disbursement. If you receive invoiced orders, these will also appear on this page.

You will continue to see the total amount of funds held in reserve on your Statement view page, under the new ‘Deferred transactions’ line item in your total balance. When funds are released for payment, the corresponding transactions will move to the Transaction view page. With the launch of deferred transactions, only transactions which have been disbursed will be included in the Settlement reports.

Note: If Delivery date reserve policies do not apply to you, you will not see any transactions on the Deferred transactions page.

For more information, go to What are deferred transactions.


this news is like scenes from Father Ted “That money was just resting in my account” Dougal A good long rest"
“This payment is small, that payment is far away”


I can’t be the only one who struggles with this, but I really don’t understand why Amazon cannot generate a disbursement invoice which is a valid VAT invoice based on the transactions and amounts in each disbursement.

It’s an absolutely nightmare for us as a company to separate out and reverse engineer the disbursement into gross amounts.

You are big and number of one, we are small and number many, it’s stupid for us all to be doing the same job internally with small resources when you could do it once with immense resources.


How about I “defer” the shipment until I’m paid?