New product types and attributes for your listings


In August, we introduced new product types and attributes to help improve the level of details you provide for your products. To view the product types and attributes that were launched, go to Product type and attributes.

When creating a new listing, you can view these new product types in Seller Central when you classify your product in the Add a product tool, and when you select the appropriate template to download using the Add Products via Upload feature.

These changes will not affect your existing product selections, but you can provide details for these additional attributes by editing your products using Manage Inventory or to update your listings in bulk, go to Enhance your listings.


Thanks Amazon News. Could you please advise how we can upload a product in to a furniture category? According to your referral fees, we should be getting charged:

  • 15.3% for the portion of the total sales price up to £175.00
  • 10.2% for any portion of the total sales price greater than £175.00 (excluding mattresses, which will be charged 15% on total sales price)

However, we are still being charged the full 15.3% even when the price is over £175. When we ask seller support, we get the reply that it is because they are in the Home & Garden category. But when you upload a product, the only way to select furniture is to firstly select Home & Garden. See example classification path:
Home & Garden/Home &Garden/Home & Kitchen/Furniture/Living Room Furniture/Sofa Sets

Many thanks for the help in advance. I know you will support your sellers as always




It has become incredibly difficult to list products. Look at my account, I haven’t been able to enter a single product for months.