New Requirement: Country of Origin information required for your products


Yes, you have to do that.

And as I said, who do you think is going to be checking the accuracy of your decalrations.


I’m just trying to figure out the bulk uplaod thing to change 250 at a time.:thinking:


Fantastic if you try to update within Inventory. The help icon on Country of Origin asks for the two letter code that defines the country (ie the ISO code). Just tried ES for Spain and nothing found - Sp however returns Spain. For god sake is any system within Amazon correct? I’m amazed the rocket didn’t drill into the Earth on blast off


With my very basic computer skills and understanding. i am already lost with this.


The official abbreviation for United Kingdown is GB


We can’t even find the drop down menu on our listings.


It was on the Vital Info tab - but you needed to have the Advanced View ticked


However, on the Listings view, searching GB will return nothing, searching UK will return Ukraine - as despite the fact amazon ask you to enter the ISO code - the field is actually searching within the country names, so you need to search for Great Britain!


Thank you. I had already tried advanced view and it still isn’t there. I am listed in Handmade though so maybe we don’t have to do it but I will check daily as they could still add it.


I think every seller will have to do it.Have you had the email?


No email for our UK side. We did get one for the .com site.


Heres one list, but from above you are saying this is NOT what Amazon are using.


Would EU be acceptable? or do they want each member state defined?

and if a product was let’s say a few ago, it would be labelled EU, but might have been made here in the UK


EU wouldn’t work as they are looking for a country - the field in the Inventory view is looking up from a list - so it needs to be something from that list.


Just seen a great one on FB. ‘Alexa, open the capsule door’. ‘Sorry Jeff, I can’t do that’. :joy::rofl:


Not showing for me in Handmade too and someone mentioned on another thread that its not showing on their Handmade listings, but is showing on normal non handmade listings. Therefore, assuming that this does not apply to handmade?


You would have thought if it was mandatory or about to become mandatory you wouldn’t need to click Advance View!!

Also is the change actually ready as you can appear to type anything you want into the field and there is no validation. Surely we should be using ISO codes


Not a clue - we actually upload via Channel Advisor and we were sending across the ISO codes - but on checking it looks like Amazon was converting the ISO codes to the full text name within Inventory.


So as I’m selling used CDs, does anyone know if I’m I supposed put GB as that’s where I’m selling from and the CDs are U.K. editions or am putting where the cd is manufactured? Because a lot of the CDs say “Made in the EU”


I’m the same.I am putting Great Britain.