New Requirement: Country of Origin information required for your products


Only option is Great Britain I’m assuming for the UK


Does anyone know whether this can be done from inventory files rather than just ‘manage inventory’? I really would hope so…


You would need to declare the country of manufacture
unless value was added to the product here in the UK in a way that it was ‘added to’ or packaged,


I take it from this that I dont have to amend my current listings until I want to edit them. Thats ok for me because I edit all my books manually. I can imagine huge problems for those who have huge stocks of books who rely on repricing software
Does our government really want us to put in this extra information if we are just selling UK books to people in the UK.? I suspect this is Amazon doing yet more unnecessary tinkering.


I did download the document try to put in the information but I can not find the Country of Origin section in there as their steps as they said. So I have no idea how to put in


I tried the bulk edit earlier and gave up!! I sell in handmade predominantly and those listings do t even have the COO box well not that I can see on any of the pages anyway, still haven’t sorted the VTR rubbish and give us something else to stress about! Selling on Amazon is becoming a nightmare :weary:


I take it this is going to be another Amazon announcement which they put on the message boards- they then like to watch us thresh about coming up with various ideas about what the message actually means. They then offer no practical help whatsover and make no attempt to answer any of the queries raised by sellers.
Perhaps I’m wrong but I dont think so


Some one should really give Amazon a geography lesson, just like in their postal regions
GB only relates to England, Wales and Scotland we are the United Kingdom


So Amazon are saying that they have been shipping FBA stock to the EU since 1st Jan without knowing the country of origin of the goods. I thought this was a requirement for customs declarations.


That is the way I read it - seems logical - oops, wait, it’s amazon.

see what I mean about logic . . …

I don’t think so, only when (or if) you edit the individual listing. Adding quantity or changing prices would not apply as you don’t have to 'Open an Edit Listing" to do so.
New listings would need the COO specific to that CD or batch thereof.
Theortically you could still be selling a CD that is in stock today - without ever adding a COO - two years from now - even though you’ve sold many copies - you never need to “Edit” the listing.
… I think. …


Is this a requirement if you only sell printed books and magazines FBM in the UK and do not ship abroad?


I hope so too!!!


That’s because the two character code is GB


When did that happen?
The abbreviation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland is UK
Sorry - or did you mean it’s amazon’s official abbreviation.? In which case not only are they trying to take over our language they are now trying to take over our politics , history and tradition


So where is the tab when editing a book?


I can just imagine people at Amazon HQ sitting back and laughing at the ridiculous ideas they come up with and our reactions!!


That’s correct - in terms of International ISO Country Codes, the one for The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is GB - this isn’t anything to do with Amazon I should add


That’s what I am hoping…rereading the message and other’s comments.I can’t get to grips with the template for the bulk upload.


Sorry, what does that mean I don’t understand :flushed:

The cd is British but the physical cd disc is manufactured in the EU but doesn’t seem to say which country? I’m assuming I would just put GB


Wat would be helpful is if when you download the template it populates all your inventory that would make it quicker with 20000+ items it will take me forever to find all the SKU’s :frowning: Why could they not have given people an option in account details to enter the details ONCE! if applicable of course. (All of mine are from the UK)