New Requirement: Country of Origin information required for your products


I believe the definition requires ‘substantial transformation’ as opposed to added value.

This is a useful description:

a substantial transformation of an imported article occurs when it is used in manufacture, which results in an article having a name, character, or use differing from that of the imported article. If the manufacturing or combining process is a minor one which leaves the identity of the imported article intact, a substantial transformation has not occurred . . . assembly operations which are minimal or simple, as opposed to complex or meaningful, will generally not result in a substantial transformation.

There will be certain nuances country to country, region to region, but packaging change may not be sufficient.



Much better response. I suppose a real world example would be leather made in Spain imported into the UK then transformed into boots


Yes, that is what I had understood. If you take a raw material or something that was not in its original form, and transform it into something else, this probably counts. This happens often as there are usually many different materials to make certain things and then if then made in X country, that would be the last place of ‘substantial transformation’

If you simple in this example import boots from Spain and put a private label, the boots were imported as boots and still have the original function.


They would expect you to put the country in the EU that the disk was manufactured.

But, exactly, if the manufacturer in year x was allowed just to say EU how can that be different now.


Not showing for us in books either.


Oh, I see it now for books - under the “Offer” tab in advanced view (also there if you try to create a new listing).


I am a handmade seller, there is nowhere for me to add country of origin, when I go in to edit. I triple checked, so did the person on the phone who I was talking to for support.

The call was escalated

apparently I have to download a spreadsheet, add all the mandatory fields, then add the ones I want to change, it’s war and peace -
…heres the instructions that Amazon seller “help” e-mailed me…

Upon checking, I see that you have already tried to update the product information through inventory, but unable to do so.

Kindly, request you to perform full update for the listing to update missing product information.

Please follow below steps to perform full update:

  1. Log into your seller central account.

  2. Hover over the Inventory tab > Add Products Via Upload > Download an Inventory file.

  3. Step 1: Select the types of products you have in your inventory from the Product Classifier. If you have your products listed in multiple categories, please select multiple nodes.

Step 2: Select the type of template - Click on Advanced and generate template.

  • You can update product details, such as size map attribute, in bulk by uploading a Full Update feed.

A Full Update feed is an inventory feed created using the Inventory Feed Template that contains two to three fields of data for the products you want to update. There is no need to enter information in any fields except those you are updating.

You will be required to provide the following information:

  1. The SKU corresponding to each item you are updating.

  2. The fields you intend to modify: Item Price, Quantity, or both.

  3. In Update-delete, enter “Full Update”

If you have additional fields to update, you will need to complete all mandatory fields in the inventory file template before performing the update. Review the Data Definition tab in the inventory file template for a list of mandatory fields.

In the template you can enter the attributes that you would like to update, for instance, size map and upload the file.

While uploading the file kindly make sure that you follow the below mentioned points:

>> Do not make any changes to the template by adding anything to the header rows, deleting rows and so on. As this will cause error in the uploads.

>> Always make sure that you save the file in “Text tab delimited format” before uploading them.

>> If you would like to update only the title or the bullet points or only some of the attributes you can update them in the file and choose the option “Full update” under “Update_Delete” column.

Once the template is ready with the information, please follow the steps below to upload the file:

  1. Log into your seller central account.

  2. Go to Inventory > Add Products Via Upload > Upload Products & Inventory

  3. Step 1: Check the file. This feature will not add products to your catalogue.

Step 2: Upload file.

You may go to ‘Monitor Upload Status’ to monitor the status of your uploaded file.

Once you upload the file kindly wait for 24-48 hours for the changes to update.


Thank you guys thats very helpful.


On the contrary, many repricing software packages come with inventory tools which are continuously updated to deal with Amazon innovations such as these. Between now and 22 August many of these developers will come out with updates which permit easy bulk changing and updating of country of origin. If you think about it, this is an absolute necessity for such developers if users are to continue paying for their products. If you had to revert to the Amazon interface because your inventory/repricing software could not do everything it does much quicker and more efficiently, you would dump the software. Our inventory management/repricing package is always being regularly updated like this. If that were not the case we’d have stopped using it long ago.


Yes, and the rate of such changes is increasing. Personally I think it’s to stem the ever-increasing tide of sellers and that’s why the advice/support/means of implementation is so poor. Those who can’t keep up with all these fundamental changes every two or three months will have their accounts or listings deactivated. I’m pretty sure it’s deliberate.


I’ve got UK :confused:


I have Great Britain.
I love the random non alphabetical style of the drop down- true Amazon logic.


I’ve got Great Britain. No UK at all. What kind of developer creates a country list and doesn’t order it. I think that is a real eye opener for the kind of standards their developers work to. No wonder there’s so many issues.


Can i ask a question?

I have a fly tying kit that i am about to launch on Amazon as FBM.
Contains - Vice. tools, materials, hooks, beads, threads, feathers, hair, wool, varnish & other components etc

40% of the kit is from India
40% is from China
10% is from the UK

Approx 25 items in the kit and i will assemble / fill the kit here in the UK to sell as one complete kit.

What do i list as the country of origin?
As its packed - assembled in the UK do i mark as UK?

If someone could guide me on this i would be grateful



I would say the COO for that item is the UK. As that is the place that this product became this product.

Under the rule of “substantial transformation”

Take a read:


Just one example, the average LEGO set has components made in 2-4 different countries nowadays. It states all these locations on the box. There is no single country of origin.

How would you go about listing these?

I am sure there are many other products nowadays with components that are manufactured in a number of regions around the world.


Read this or Google COO. It’s not about where each individual component is made, it’s where the product is substantially changed. So for the lego example, if the “set” was put together in Finland, then that is the COO.


Thanks. Seems simple enough to do when it needs doing.


Does this affect FBA only?

or do seller fulfilled items need this to?


Surely this should be done at ASIN level by Amazon.