New Requirement: Country of Origin information required for your products


I think you list as UK as the UK was the last point at which “value” was added to the product.
but you still declare the other countries of origin on your labelling.


how is amazon so bad at implementing changes, and completely disregarding sellers and their business??


It’s very easy to become depressed trying to sell on amazon. These last few weeks have seen precious few sales, several items removed because of Amazon’s fair price policy, a performance notice concerning virtual tracking and now this c o o. All of which make me wonder why I bother


Enough already Amazon

The reason we have to put Great Britain in is because of the fiasco over the Northern Ireland Border.

As Great Britain is only made up of England, Scotland and Wales
The United Kingdom includes Northern Ireland

Also not helped is the country of origin sometimes appears on the Vital info page and sometimes appears on the offer page and sometimes does not help at all .

I can see massive problems in the future when the original Lister , just copies from the previous listing .
It is hard enough trying to change anything when a listing is wrong these days on Amazon

Just another hoop to jump through on this never ending year of change , it is relentless and I for one have had enough.
already lost listings through not having documents of compliance.
already lost listings because of EU responsible person.
lets just see if Amazon deactivate existing listings from the 22nd of August .
I have 17,000 products that no way can I change them all now

we are having to research product origin when we ship abroad and that is when I will edit my listings and not before


Okay, let’s hope your reading of this is correct. I mean otherwise the notion that I can reasonably be expected to check 10,000 items individually for their origin is just for the birds…


Excellent thanks :slight_smile:


Will the mega listers of used books be carefully checking the colophon to see where each book was printed and bound when they are putting their new listings on in bulk? Or will they perhaps all just default to Great Britain for the COO? (Unscientifically, I have just grabbed 3 books at random and none was printed and bound in the UK.)

Amazon say, “When multiple sellers sell the same product through a single detail page, we combine and present the best product data to ensure customers get the best experience.” So it sounds like they may take a consensus in regard to info such as the COO, which will surely override any small sellers who bother to note the book was actually printed in Italy, etc.


It’s so easy to place the Drop Down List into order, only a nugget would forget to do it (or be incapable of doing it)!
Nuff said!


Probably no-one in Amazon but Customs might so each individual export needs the COO declared.


Well, at the end of the day, we seem to do all of their thinking for them. So they throw it out there and from the comments they can identify all of the issues and then decide how to implement (Or alter the implementation) of the policy.


In “1” Ray…

And it is good to know that (according to @James_2020) they are listening to us and taking o board everything we say on these forums, I have just worked out what VTR means;


> Victory To Retailers…


They know what they do will make us all winners in the future, of course there are a few doubters, but that is too be expected, some have just not worked it out yet.


Where it is made I.e originated I inferred. My books are almost all made here, quite a few of the rest in the USA and a small number in East Asia. Ememding the listings will not be fun and will take an age.


More edits that can only be made by the person who controls the page. How to you expect sellers to make these edits with no tools?
This looks like it will be my death nail on this site


Until one day when Amazon request you to provide proof of the country of origin.


Whose responsibility is it to add the COO to the listing if you add your stock to an existing listing created by another seller?


Maybe but they’ll be checking it against the data they already hold, from some other random seller they’ve decided to use. Which as per most attributes are wrong anyway.


You don’t have to amend the listing until you need to edit it.


Every time I turn my computer on I see you’re talking about me. That’s five posts now in less than 24 hours.

Really enjoying living in your head rent free. Very kind of you.


I’ll update listings when I edit a particular listing which is once in a blue moon, I don’t send outside of the UK,
I suppose if you are FBA you’ll have to do it but it just more hoops to jump through, I really don’t understand how more sellers aren’t walking away from amazon, they’ve become the new ebay changing things every 5 minutes. More hassle than it’s worth


I’m a little concerned what Amazon mean by “edit”. Does that apply to stock level for example, if something goes out of stock, will you be blocked from putting it back in stock until you update the COO.