New Requirement: Country of Origin information required for your products


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Sounds like it will be impossible for so many people that almost everyone will be unable to do as required.
Another bonkers idea, then.


I have 54,000 so it’ll be for the vultures.


I am a little confused with this policy. This is the reason why below

  1. Packaging will usually contain details where the product has been manufactured.

When multiple sellers are selling the same product some may enter the information and others may now. How do they distinguish which seller has entered the information and which hasn’t.

Also why is a relevant to have the above information because most websites you buy from doing have this information. For example they don’t say designer jeans were made in the far east on the product information information.


I’m not sure all the guidance you have been given in the message you received from Seller Support is entirely correct or even necessary.

I believe all we need to do is download the relevant handmade inventory file. I’ve just downloaded one to test one of my handmade listings. I selected the appropriate handmade category, in Step 3 of creating the inventory template I selected ‘Custom’ and added just Basic & Compliance.

In the inventory file, I entered the product type in column A and the SKU in column B. In column K for Update Delete, I entered PartialUpdate. Scrolled across to find Country of Origin, in my file it was column AD and entered Great Britain.

I saved the file and then uploaded it, and it came back with a successfully completed upload message. I’ve then re-downloaded the file and the COO entry has been added succesfully.

What would then be reassuring is actually seeing a Country of Origin entry, if we then access the listing through our inventory in Seller Central. Nothing has altered in my listing as of yet, but it was only done in the last 30 minutes or so.


same All I can see are none related stuff in their document I doneloaded. No where I can find right place to filet in!!!


How did you edit a particular listing. Please help


How would you do it.


I can not see anywhere has Country of Origin in the file. Please help


But everything you have mentioned has pretty much been law? Compliance documents, EU responsible person and the country of origin. We had to do country of origin for our shipping platform by end of Jan this year.


Just reassuring people that everything will be ok and there is nothing to worry about, you have said Amazon are listening to these forums and fix anything that needs doing.

Not something I believe myself. but if it helps them feel a little less stressed then that can only be a good thing, until they need a POA that is.


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I’ve tried pulling on the puppet string that says ‘make sure they quote people properly’, but it doesn’t appear to be working, so I’m leaving it well alone now.


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Ive been doing some random checks on the books in my inventory. I cannot find the country of origin on any of them. I cannot therefore see how I can put in the information amazon want. I no longer have a “Pro” account - does this make a difference


You do need to have the advanced view on. I’ve just checked 5 of my books at random and they all have it on the offer page under the seller SKU.


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Thanks . I have it now.
I would hate to have accused Amazon of some misdemeanour they hadn’t actually committed


I have updated it yesterday. I found it in the “vital information” tab. Today when I was checking it in my listing. It doesn’t say anywhere in the listing the country of origin “China”. Am I missing something here???


All our products are sourced from UK wholesalers & distributors who may or may not add to the imported or UK manufactured products by way of packaging. Do we need to contact each of them for COO details on each item. Presumably where we repackage their items with the suppliers authorisation, we use GB as COO.


As it says Region of Origin (and not just coo) surely EU is an acceptable answer as it is a region?