New Requirement: Country of Origin information required for your products


I don’t think so, I think you have to use the original country of origin. You need to google Substantial Transformation to get an idea of when you can change the country of origin. If you are merely placing them in a brand bag or box that is not substantial transformation.

I used to work in the wine industry. Wine made in France is transported in big tankers and bottled in this country. The country of origin is still FR after bottling as there has not been a substantial transformation to the product…

…however if you take raw materials from China and make your own product out of them in the UK then you can normally say that the country of origin is GB


I don’t have that … and you also have a “compliance” tab at he top, that I don’t have
I only have


Why am I not surprised that they cannot even alphabetise the drop down options. Typical Amazon


Probably because product categories have different tabs, for example the tabs for jewellery items are slightly different to those for the kitchen & home category


Just to add, your screenshot shows that it is a GUILD offer, so is in the Handmade Category where there is no COO dropdown.


yup, I am all handmade, and there is no COO tab anywhere,
I am being told to do an awful lot with spreadsheets - uploading and downloading - which is crazy - I just want a field to edit - but it looks like that won’t happen


I’m handmade too. My keyring products have COO under “More details” but my jewellery products have no COO anywhere. I’ve opened a case regarding the fact that I’m missing COO on some of my products.


I’m still unsure what Amazon want me to do with this COO thing. I have a pile of books I want to list today. I only sell in the UK. Does anyone know what i need to put in the Country of Origin box? Do I even have to fill in the COO box?? Thanks :slight_smile:


If you do not know and cannot find out what the COO is for these, you have two choices. Don’t list them or say GB as COO when you do. Obviously GB “may” not be 100% accurate.


Cheers. Do you know if this is only for NEW listings from August, or if we’ll have to add the COO for all old listings? I’ve not kept up with the COO discussion so apologies if already been mentioned.


It new ones going forward but you also will be blocked from updating existing listings until you enter the COO on those too.


Ok thanks. I may leave the COO off until August then… the only worry is if Amazon later insist on ALL listings old and new needing a COO. The other thing I suppose we won’t know is if simply updating the price is classed as an ‘edit’ for COO purposes or not… :thinking:


This is what I am doing on all my items. From what I read you only have to update the COO from August onwards if you are editing the items.

I am not going to change or add anything until I have to.

What I don’t know is whether or not they will suppress items in August if the COO has not been entered. This bit has not made clear.

I feel a bit like an Ostrich at the moment burying my head in the sand…deciding not to worry about COO, VTR and the many other things that could impact my business


Yeah me too. I’m hoping that is the case. eek.


Me too @Smiley_Guy and @Half_Full…fingers crossed.


Hi all,
I am trying to add some of the COO info through Inventory manually.
Not all of my items have the box for me to enter the COO.
Just tried a few in Hydraulics, pneumatics plumbing, pumps and accessories. There is no box for me to add info on these listings
Is there a reason for this or do I need to keep checking.
They are listings with me as the only seller
Thank you


I found the box in the “offer tab” on some items and in the “vital info” tab on other listings. Also updating a parent worked to automatically update a few child listings.


I find my one in there but why amazon ask download Excel and upload, What is that for then. Thanks


I’m blithely assuming this won’t be a cruel disaster so start early: anyone tell me how/where I can enter whatever to indicate my 43,000 BOOKS are of British origin - except a few American and the merest smattering of French and even fewer Japanese books i.e. Two!
Thanks very much.


I’m either a step ahead or, likelier, behind: I can’t find anywhere to enter where my books’ COO is (chiefly U.K.) though the disaster that is VTR doesn’t inspire confidence …not least as SS offer different advice on different days ( and a couple of ppl here have had demands!).
Crossing fingers.