New Requirement: Country of Origin information required for your products


Has anyone managed to get the Standard Book Loader routine to work since the COO change was made? It is easy enough to set up the “country_of_origin” column in the spreadsheet, but nothing seems to work, at least not for me. GB, Great Britain, UK United Kingdom all return errors.


On the product creation templates it is “United Kingdom”


Still no nearer and anything Amazon suggests including updated template version doesnt work - lost most my listings and cannot bulk upload any more with standard book loader - desperate for help


Got it to work
just need field column headings

upload as standard book loader

As long as you have an ISBN or ASIN Amazon fills in all other info and no need to upload coo
Life is so much easier!


yes the coo we all enter on the offer is different from the coo that appears on the product page.
you could report the pdp (product detail page) tampering on the abuse page.
but unless it is absolutely crystal clear (and often when it is crystal!) they will just reject it and say they cant see the issue reported.


Seems like yet another reason to simply not bother selling on Amazon. I have shifted almost everything to eBay nowadays. I don’t know the COO of many items I have listed, so for now I am just putting UK and hoping for the best.