New seller account deactivated. Which link to use?


Hi all.

I opened my account a week or two ago. I wasn’t expecting to need a utility bill. It’s took two weeks to get one, in that time my account has gone from suspended to deactivated.

Now, on my seller central account at the top I have two links, one takes me to account status showing as deactivated and gives me the option to appeal and upload multiple documents. The other takes me to specific Information Required and shows that Amazon wants a Registration Extract for my business and proof of address.

Which link should I use - the appeal and send all docs at the same time, OR upload the specific documents asked for?

Finally, I have tried to ask this question by starting a case log file. It keeps getting marked as ‘ANSWERED’ with NO answer - more than six times now. What’s up with that??



Join the crowd of ‘new’ sellers experiencing the same.

When you open a case and it says ‘Answered’ it actually means it has been dealt with by seller support - their answer is to pass it on to the relevant department.
All VERY misleading - they really should mark as transferred rather than answered IMO.


Oh wow, yes that’s highly misleading. Amazon really need to employ some User Experience designers.

Do you know whether it’s better for me to now lodge an appeal OR to upload the highlighted required documents instead?


Try uploading the required documents before you go down the “appeal” route, as surely the appeal would follow any rejection of those documents


Honestly, I’ve been having the same issue… The initial problem was my own, I accidentally put in the wrong number for the UTR field (I didn’t want to run Amazon through my Ltd company). It’s rectified and I received an email two days ago saying my account is activated… but it’s not! Every single case I’ve raised is closed as Answered. I didn’t realise this meant it’d been transferred away. I’ve now placed the appeal myself as apparently uploading all the relevant documents to the right places didn’t actually manage to reinstate the account, despite them saying it had been… O_O


Thanks for the input all. I’m going to go down the route of uploading the required documents as I think using the appeal button is kind of like appealing the current decision that my current documentation is inadequate, which it is.

I’ll try tomorrow and report back


any updateing?


I got my certified register extract from companies house yesterday and uploaded it along with my business bank account statement. Let’s see what happens in the next 48 hours.