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Hey all. I am very new to Amazon handmade but I have read through the documentation and watched a number of YouTube tutorials to try and make sure I am covering all bases before asking for help. Unfortunatly I still find myself here as I am scratching my head to figure out why my product is showing as ‘Active’ yet when I click on it to View on Amazon it says currently unavaliable. The listing link is here ‘’ - I did reach out to amazon help for assistance with this and got a response where they said it is active and buyable, but I cannot see the same thing.


It is fbm or fba ?

If fbm, have you added a quantity of at least 1 unit ?


Hey The_Little_Shop,

This is an FBM product and I have set the quantity to 50. I did also wonder if it was because I didn’t have a min order quantity so I had it 0 originally and then tried setting it to 1 also but neither option seemed to make any difference.


Minimum order quantity can be left blank
Did you put a future release date on there ?

Is your account fully verified as a business seller ?


No future date set. I just looked at my account status and last night it was all good but today I am getting the message:

Account Status Information provided and pending validation. - So it would appear that may be the cause of the issue. Hopefully it won’t take long for this to be validated and then that will hopefully enable the listing to go truly ‘live’. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post.


Hello @ Never_Ending_Crafter,

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Did you manage to solve the issue with @The_Little_Shop help? :slight_smile:

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