new seller issue


hello there
I wanna know that I am a new seller and my account is being under verification for two days now , how much time time it will take to complete the process and in the meantime am I able to list and sell the product or not ? because the message I receive is not clear to me .
“Once we have received and been able to validate your data, we can open your Selling on Amazon payment account. Otherwise we might ask for additional information. For more help, Contact Us
New seller? You can start listing your products in parallel”.


You are free to list, but cannot sell. You also should not send any stock to FBA.

Waiting time is currently 3-4 months.


While you are waiting I suggest you read thoroughly the Amazon Seller University

There are a lot of pitfalls and hurdles before you can even start selling on here, and as Demel says, currently full verification is taking many weeks/months due to the huge number of new sellers registering and the amount of info they have to verify.