New tax service providers available to help you with EU VAT compliance


VAT Services on Amazon recently launched a new feature! With this, selling partners whose businesses are established in the EU or the UK will be able to choose from an array of tax service providers for VAT registration and filing. It allows you to view the available tax service providers at the time of signing up for VAT Services on Amazon and opt for your preferred provider before starting with your VAT registration (or transfer) process.

At the time of signing up to VAT Services on Amazon, you will see the default tax service provider assigned to you with an option to change it. When you click the option to change, you will be presented with all the tax service providers available in your region. Select your preferred one and click on ‘Agree and Continue’ to proceed.

If you choose Avalara, your VAT registrations and VAT filings will be processed on Seller Central.

If you choose either TB Accountants, AVASK or Taxually, your VAT registrations will be processed from Seller Central. The tax service provider will contact you via email or phone to prepare your registration application. After your registration is complete, your VAT filings will be processed on Seller Central.

VAT Services on Amazon is a VAT compliance solution that allows you to manage your European VAT registration and filing obligations via a third-party tax service provider in up to seven countries (UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland and the Czech Republic). It enables you to spend more time expanding your business across Europe by handling VAT compliance easily and efficiently.


So if you use one of the other providers it says that they handle your VAT Registration, but doesn’t say who is handling the monthly returns and how?

We’re in a position where we had to move away from VAT Services on Amazon because of continued let downs by Avalara. We are now with Avask, so obviously wondering what the difference in service we are receiving now is compared to what we would signing back up again.


Avalara is not good VAT service provider, never sign up with Avalara.

can you please recommend who is better VAT service provider


We were with AVASK who were very good both at registration and ongoing monthly returns. The only reason we are no longer with them is that we have withdrawn from selling in Europe due to the eye-watering costs and the extremely flaky delivery/non-delivery systems to Amazon on the continent plus the ridiculous amount of paperwork.
Good luck!


Are you located in the U.S.? How are you now handling VAT Services? Any recommendations?

Ed at Lake Forest Anatomicals


How can I select Avask? Do I have to send an email to seller central support? Thanks