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I make handmade cat toys and have listed 3 items. My problem is that although they appear in handmade, they do not appear in ALL categories. I have contacted Amazon and they said it could be restricted but they had fixed it and it would be fine after 72hrs however they still were not showing up. I contacted them again and they said;

"We reviewed your ASINs and corrected the wrong ‘adult flagg’ on it.

Please note: How easily found an item is within the search results depends on a number of factors. Amazon takes steps to try to present buyers with the closest match to what they’re looking for based on those terms that they’re using and where in our virtual store they’ve gone to look for products as well as some of our own internal logic based on buyer behavior.

Amazon never guarantee placement within search results or sales rank. Amazon can only rank products with at least one eligible order event.

Please let us know how we did."

So does this mean my product will never be in All categories? I’ve only sold 3 products and can’t see how I will ever sell more if people can’t find them.

I wouldn’t even mind being on the last page of page of an All category search as at least I could work on it!

Would somebody please have a look at my listings and see if there is something I can do better so that I can be found or if I could improve my listing?

Here’s an asin for 1 of my products B094G8TXNF

Many thanks



It’s quite hard to understand. You will technically be able to come up in regular search too but you tend to need more sales/ranking to show up as there will be lots of competition.

I’ve been on here 4ish years and only my best sellers come up in the first few pages of main search. It did take a while to get them there. I also have listings that I can’t find but people will buy so they obviously are finding them.

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