NEW To PAN EU Prices Haywire!


Hi guy’s So We have decided that it’s best to crack on and take the offer with avask. (so far they have been great) We had tried previously to do pan EU but this time we’ll get it right.

The first insurmountable problem seems to be loss of control of our prices?

Is this right? Increasingly our prices are all over the place in the different countries and we cannot change them. We have found we put what we like in the box but the system keeps taking control. Are we stuck with this?

All help is appreciated


Hi Selling Cycle,

I’m also in the process of going PAN EU with Avask, I have to say the paper work involved is incredible and Spain registration is even more complex!

I’m curious to the answer to this myself, so I’m just replying in the hope someone sees this at the top of the forum again!

The only thing I can think of is you have all your prices set as e.g 5% above from your source marketplace. Or a set fee above your source market place.

I could be way off with that suggestion, but that is in the inventory > sell globally > build international listings > and on the right side of the screen you should see ‘connection settings’ and edit from there.

Let me know how you resolved it please, just so I can avoid the exact same problem!



Build international listings messed up my prices also. It forced a link between markets. This should be an opt in. We dont use build intenational listings and set prices to reflect local conditions. Took a long time to get all sorted out. Annoyed at Amazon for the time wasted.