Newbie questions


I am considering selling second hand books on Amazon seller. Can anyone advise me on the following questions:
I live in The Netherlands. My books are English so I have made an account on Amazon UK. I have a UK bank account. If I sell with FBA do I have to pay to ship my books to UK?
If I choose FBA do I ship to Amazon when I list or when someone buys something? I don’t want storage from Amazon.
Looking forward to understanding the process a bit more!


FBA means that effectively Amazon store your stock and dispatch it when it’s sold. You would have to pay the shipping charges to send books to an Amazon warehouse.


As the previous reply, if you use FBA you send all your stock to Amazon, they store them and they will then ship to the buyers.
If you don’t want storage from Amazon then you will need to just be FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant), ie. you!
As you are located in the Netherlands there are quite a few other things you will also need to consider before you start selling.


As a Dutch citizen, you will need to register for the VAT prior be able to send inventory into UK FBA.


Selling books from nl on Amazon UK will pose problems as the post is quite high sending anything that weighs more than a few gramsoutsise the country. Unless you have a collection of high value books you’ll struggle to make any profit at all.