NHS Staff Discounts


Just a thought but when this is all over (or sooner if it could be done) I would like to be able to offer discounts to NHS workders as my small thank you for what they are doing.

(It would be great if this could be extended to all care workers etc as well but I’m not sure how that could work - NHS workers have ID that could be used…anyway, details details).

I just wanted to raise it here as I hope that it might already be something Amazon are considering in some way.


Really nice idea, but I really cannot see how it could be done/policed on Amazon.


As Jully says, nice idea but really difficult to implement. Something far easier would be half price prime that they already give to students, could even make it free. Then the question is where do you stop? All emergency workers, care workers (public and private sector?), armed forces, local government workers, central government, government companies (e.g. Traffic England, NATS, Student Loans Company)


What about those 500,000 volunteers?
Shouldn’t exclude them either…


I know the devil would be in the detail. It’s just something I would like to be able to do and if this could be made available as an option by Amazon that would be really great.

I am in the 1.5m who have to shield but I’ve signed up to be a phone volunteer. It seems likely that I will be able to have some of my wages paid by the government, so I see it as a moral obligation to volunteer if I (others) posisbly can. If your wages are being paid by the government it seems to me to be the least you can do.

I personaly don’t expect a thank you for volunteering in any sense. But I think those who will save lives at the cutting edge and who (sadly) will have to watch many die that they couldn’t save. I think that takes real guts.

I used to work for the NHS and we used to get given a card that would allow you to get discounts at certain busineses eg 5% off at Comet (remember them!). If that scheme still runs then presumably that could be utilised in some way.


Yes, the NHS does have discount schemes available in various stores etc, but I really cannot see how it would be possible to do it for Amazon purchases.