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I hope more experienced sellers can help. I’ve had the following interaction with a buyer after selling a somewhat rare art book. What would you do? Can he return for a refund? Thanks in advance:

Hello, Sorry to be a pain. I recently bought my Dad a copy of this book for 28gbp from a seller on Amazon. It was in ‘very good’ condition, and it’s quite clean, tight. Two days later I also ordered a copy for myself, from you, which was 122gbp. The copy which you shipped is not really significantly better than the 28gbp copy. There is a slight burr to one of the corners of the copy you shipped (which was not the case with the other book, though yours is in cleaner condition), and although it’s a pretty clean copy, I don’t think it’s worth the extra 100gbp. Not sure what you think? Thanks, Michael.

08-Dec-2021 10:08

Dear Michael Thanks for your message. I’m glad the book arrived so quickly. I film all my books, before, during and after the wrapping process. I’m not too sure what it is you’re asking. Are you wanting me to value your books? Please could you clarify. Kind regards

08-Dec-2021 10:15

Classification: Public Hello, I’m afraid I’m not sure it’s worth the price, so I was wondering if you would consider a partial refund? The copy I bought for 28gbp is not quite as nice as the one which I bought from you, but I don’t think your copy is worth an extra 100gbp. Packing seemed fine, and the slight burr to the top right hand corner was presumably already there? I’ve not actually taken it out of bubblewrap, the burr was enough to think the price I paid for this item was too high Thank you - all else very nice, just not quite at the standard I was expecting for the price - Michael. Ps. Sorry about the ‘classification’ of this message, the item isn’t particularly damaged or defective and a replacement isn’t an option really! But I think too expensive

08-Dec-2021 10:35

I see. I’m afraid I won’t be offering a partial discount, that’s the price. Another way to look at is that the other copy was a bargain - glass half full! Kind regards

08-Dec-2021 10:40

Classification: Public Thanks for the reply. Let me take another look at my options and inspect it in detail later (am at work right now) but suspect I’ll be returning this for a full refund Thanks! Michael.


The customer can return the item within 14 days for a full refund according to distance selling rules, also he has 30 days to return with amazons policy, you’ll have to refund but only when the book arrives. I’d check it carefully to make sure it’s not the inferior copy they send back.


Thanks Norma, that’s what I’m worried about, getting the other copy back. What would I do if that’s the case?


Since you have stated to the customer that you have filmed the book being packed, I think it is unlikely they will try to swap the book with the other. However, if they do, you have video proof of sending the original book. If you didn’t plan to already, I suggest filming you opening the return package as well. The video proof should be enough to verify to Amazon if you do receive the wrong copy, but you never know with Amazon.

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