No Delivery Service Available To Me Just After Turning My Seller Fulfilment Prime


This is the message I am getting on prime orders just hence failing to process them.
“Based on your inputs or preferences, no delivery services were available. Delivery services shown ignore your preferences. If none are shown, there are no delivery services available for this order.”

Please help

Thanks in advance


Basically, the courier you have selected (RM?) is not able to deliver the item, either due to size/weight or location.
That should be all that it is.


That is the most likely reason however I use Amazon ‘Buy Shipping’ and most days the page has a blip. Put in the weight and it will give that message. Go back, tweak weight, try again and postage options show up. Select postage method. Then go to restricted goods and it won’t proceed or if you get past that part, it says it can’t generate the label. Been reported on Forum previously.
I think you will also get that message if you are trying to send to some of the Channel Islands even though they are ‘UK’.


The problem is all the non prim orders are shipping okay and the prime are not even after i change weights. they are same products and UK mainland. i have 19 prime to ship and all showing the same problem and the last 24 hours i shipped the same number of non prime if not more with no issue at all.



do you just use RM and not Amazon Logistic? have you try using another browser?


yes I use RM and different browser didnt either. The support team now opened a case and assured me that those orders will not dent my chance of the prime badge. But still not sorted.


so you only use RM and Amazon Logistic is not available to you?