No feedback on account verification


I registered as a seller 7 months ago and my account remains NOT verified despite scores of emails requesting an update?

Can anyone assist?


There must be a problem with your info as 7 months is not the norm even in these times. Check your notifications- for all marketplaces.


I’ve been in a similar situation. I learnt on here that once you have contacted seller verification that’s it. Don’t contact them again. Since everytime you email them you go to the back of the queue. So if you kept doing this every few weeks or so you will be in a perpetual loop!

The only other thing to do is use the MD email to contact them and explain your case, briefly and concisely. You should be able to find the email in the other threads on here. But once again, once you’ve sent an email, leave it and just sadly have to wait.


I would think a bit early for that, at least until the OP works out what may have gone wrong and particularly whether they have failed verification or simply just waiting. As @Shrewsbury_Marine_S1 says, make sure you have checked all notifications and you EMails


Thanks do you have an email address for me (MD?)


Just my opinion, but if you use that option now, you will have almost exhausted it - would not be good to keep sending emails to them. Why not try to work out what has gone wrong first, there must be something wrong if you have waited 7mth. Once you work out what it is, then Email the MD if you have to