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The product dimensions are OK but go to the listing in your inventory and click edit and check the packaging dimensions

You’ve spelt scented wrong in the title and your main image is non compliant too


sorry i dont understand what you mean by my image is non compliant


Main image must be on a pure white background


okay i understand what you saying about the image. also are you talking about creating your dimention on the first step off shipping to amazon


No on the listing creation page it asks you the product and package dimensions - are the package dimensions filled in ?


yes all the information was filled in as you can see from my image i have 3 candles which go into the black box than i want send 10 off those black boxs to amazon in 1 big cardboard box


The listing is wrong then as you say on the listing you get 10 units


do i need to measure the black box dimentions or the cardboard box dimentions?


On the listing you need to state the black box dimension (packaging dimensions)

On the shipment you need to state the cardboard box dimension


so just to clarify on my product listing i need to put the black box dimentions and when i fill out the shipping than i put in the cardboard box dimentions and unit section put down 10 boxes as i am sending 10 black boxes?


Sort of
On the listing you state the product dimensions of the candle and there should be a section for package dimensions which is the black box

So for example if I sold a tent, the product dimensions are 20ft x 6ft but the package dimensions would be the box it comes in 2ft x 3ft


as i am talking to you i am trying fill in details im sorry to waste your time just its my first time and ive been struggling to get this right i am on vital information putting in my black box dimentions also the weight


Have a read through amazons seller university pages too


I am just correcting my dimentions on my product listing information also my spelling on the scented candles also my image than i will go on to first step on creating my shipping if i have any issues can i contact you again please?


It doesn’t say anywhere on the listing that you only get 3 candles

In the spec it says number of items 10 and in the description it says 15 scents
The title states 5 different scents


also might be a mismatch with the upc ownership

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