No impressions for 2 weeks now - please help


Hi guys,

I have 4 campaigns active for 2 weeks now and no impressions. Campaigns are automatic. My bids are 20% higher then recommended highest bids. My products are for hair growth. I doubt that there is nobody searching for that.

Please help


Are you in the buy box ?

Edit just checked 1 product and you are not in buy box


what should I do?

I am new seller


New sellers - fbm, have to have a ‘good sales history’ to be eligible for buy box


MNLY Anti-Grey Short Hair Tonic, 150ml - Reverses the Greying Process and Restores Original Hair Colour, 100% for Men : Beauty

This is one of my listing. It doesn’t even show the price on search below the name of the product. It is the same for all my products.

I did everything the same on the Swedish marketplace and there is everything OK and I am getting impressions.


Yes I know, as a new seller you are not eligible for buy box so instead you are in the - ‘see all options’ box

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