No New Orders for 1 Hour - Normally have about 20 an hour


its been a strange four days , i have over 5000 different listings but have only been selling same kind of product , usually on average i would sold different items , anyone else has noticed this


same here , only selling same kind of product, its been like this for 4 days now ,and usually this time of year i would be selling 10-15 different products but nothing like that…


Absolutely dire despite having our cpc at a ridiculously high rate.


I have noticed that my PPC wasn’t working as it was previously.

I set my keyword bids down by 500% and then increase placement bids for top of search by 500% (Sounds odd). However this has the effect that for each of the keywords placement is at the top or close to with minimal cost with no spend for product placement - where conversion rates for my products are very low. It has always worked well however it seemed to have changed so I have gone through everything and now seems to be working better. Not sure if something has changed with PPC recently.


I have even tried taking off SFP and still can’t get orders on our most popular products. I have no idea what to try next as I also got our clicks to 1st place on page 1 to no avail.


We are not getting any next day orders all are 2nd day or standard. Is anyone else having that issue. We are sfp



Just to add again my sales are dreadful. Could you email over a couple of your titles and let me see if they are coming up in a search. I think your items are most similar to mine in that you design and manufacture them yourself. It’s just an idea. Also to add I did speak with CS but no joy with them at all.



Just gone another 9 hours without an order - this is mad


I think the SFP templates have now been fixed as I can see the fee preview and Buybox eligibility is now back. Also PPC has now started to run again.

Has anyone else found this?

Items are still showing as Two day delivery, so that needs to be sorted!


Our SFP offers are not winning the buy box (despite being the only offers on the page).


I’m not as Amazon Technically gifted as many of you lovely people, however the last 24 hours have been very quiet. Unusually so.


We had very strong orders this morning up until around 11am and then it’s gone dead… But it’s a really nice weekend… last of the good weather for this time of year… Kids have been back at school a week or two so parents want to spend some time with them… Will likely pick up after dinner or Sunday afternoon onwards…


In that case we wouldn’t all be getting clicks on our campaigns when a lot of us are spending record amounts.


A lot of people just like to browse… might bookmark and buy later… buy when they get paid next… could be many things… who knows…


If everybody had children, stopped buying when the weather was good, or people can only afford to purchase on Amazon when they get paid then I might agree with you but historically they don’t apply.


I’m using FBA - anyone else having issues with FBA? Last Friday I had record sales and this Friday none - nothing has changed yet I go from high sales to none. Some “expedited” orders are taking over 48 hours to dispatch (should be less than a day). So there must be some sort of problem. My stock is in MAN2 (Warrington) so I’m wondering if this is a problem with nearby warehouses due to the new MAN8 (Merseyside). Either way - this can’t be the weather, or people waiting to payday if we all have sales history. Something is wrong and it looks like amazon is changing the landscape of things.



Yesterday was the my day worse on amazon period. This morning started strong snd then since lunchtime again… nothing.

Sounds all too familiar now


It struck me yesterday just how rubbishy Amazon search is.

I was looking to buy a few household items and attempting to sort things in any meaningful way is a nightmare.

At the same time I was looking up a number of fairly obscure books with very specific titles and authors and not even advanced booksearch could find most of them - not without a tremendous amount of digging amongst the semi-invisible expansion buttons while attempting (forlonly) to filter out all the bogus duplicates.
If if even very experienced buyers can’t find what they’re looking for with ease, what chance the casual buyer will persist?
Amazon search is getting to be ridiculous.


I will share whats happening with our store:

5 September was the last ‘good’ day for us. Since than we went half sales and today we are even 75% down comparing first 5 days in September.

Unfortunately I cannot compare the period to last year because we’ve started our account exactly 1 year ago.


Exact same for us. Very strong morning but not a single sale since 11-12 ish this morning Something is definitely wrong - anyone else?