No Receiving email for shipment sent in to Fulfilment Centre


When we send in a consignment, we always get 2 emails one to say FBA Inbound Shipment checked in and a second email usually soon afterwards saying that FBA Inbound shipment receiving. We sent in a sizeable consignment over a week ago and got the first email but not the second one so I began to panic as we need the stock available for purchase. I just noticed however, that the stock is actually showing in the reserved column so it has been received. They may have stopped sending the FBA Inbound shipment receiving emails.


I got receiving email today for shipment sent monday.


They haven’t I had one this afternoon for a shipment sent yesterday and they started receiving today. This was as normal the check in email followed by the receiving email.

Have you checked your spam to see if it has gone in there by mistake?


No, I still haven’t had the email and it’s not gone to Junk. It’s no major issue but just one more thing to have to keep an eye on.