Non-VAT Invoice


I am a business seller but not VAT registered. Amazon has just informed me that
“Action required - Upload missing invoices for November”

If an customer requests a non-VAT invoice I generate one and send it to him/her. Am I obliged by Amazon to send all customers an invoice, if so why? Is there an automatic way I can get this done by Amazon like I could if I had a VAT account?



No - the only automatic way from Amazon is ig you are signed up to their Vat scheme, which you aren’t as you are not Vat registered. You are obliged to draw up an invoice/receipt and upload to all business buyer (probably to all buyers soon).


OK, are there any tools inside Amazon to help with this or any third party tool suppliers?

Also how do I know if the buyers is a business or not?

Also Also is there an API link into Amazon I could use to write my own automatic invoice generator?



There are free templates all over the net- google”invoice generator” save in pdf format and upload to each order.

You can tell a business buyer as it states Business Buyer” under their name on the order.


At the moment if a customer requests a non-VAT invoice I cut-and-paste their address and ordered item to an invoice boilerplate and then send them the pdf. I get very few business customer, of the 17 orders in the last 24 hours only one was labelled business customer so I suppose I can do that amount manually once a day. If I had to do them all it could be a problem. I will look on-line to see if there is anything out there to do them automatically.