Non VAT Invoicing


Good afternoon all.
I’ve been selling around 10 low value items per day for nearly 4 years. Just ticking over as a side business. Enough to pay for a holiday each year.
Amazon have introduced invoicing and I was told by Amazon to simply ignore this as I am not VAT registered and have no intention to do so. It cannot be automated through Amazon as have no VAT number.
Today I got an email saying I had to provide VAT invoices or receipts to the two business customers I had in December.
After emailing them, they say I have to provide a receipt for every sale. I currently have 1407 outstanding invoices on my account.
It would be excessively time consuming to produce a PDF invoice for every sale I do. I simply can’t and won’t do it.
What is your advice for right now and going forward.
Kind regards.


There’s already some similar threads being discussed today.
Basically you have to upload invoices for business customers but there’s no requirement for the rest of your (non business) orders.


Hi there,

Yes I had the same thing happen today. I think I’ve had 3 business orders in 4 months and no idea how to supply these invoices (again not VAT registered) can anyone advise what I have to do to upload an invoice? I am literally the most stupid person so this is extra difficult, I’m a lament terms person. Amazon are little help and just send templates that make little sense.

Any advice would be most appreciated.


Use something like then download it as a PDF. In the order screen on Seller Central click the “Upload invoice” button.



Go here: (its free) create your invoices showing n/a for vat & in note box “no VAT charged” & download them.
On the order page click “upload invoice”.


Where in seller central can I find my B2B customer orders please? I cannot differentiate my orders between normal & B2B?


Some of the downloadable reports indicate business customer. I think Orders > Order reports might indicate it. The alternative is to scroll through your orders (if you don’t have many of them) and find the ones that have the business customer badge:


Could take a while! - thank you for the info I’ll have a look.


As Russ says, create an invoice with the free invoice generator site and then upload it for the Business Customers only - not needed for the others (as yet !)