Northern Ireland based FBA sellers according to the AMZ we are part of UK not the GB so we cannot recall our inventory


Had some fun talking to Amazon support about system issue where I am unable to recall my inventory to NI post code, here is the reply:

_Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support, _
I understand your concern regarding error when creating removal order.
_Please note that you can remove the units by creating a removal for stock via flat file. _
_The reason why the postcode is not considered valid by Amazon is that the seller is selecting GB (Great Britain) as country. The difference between UK and GB is that GB does not include Northern Ireland. _
Please note that we cannot ship the removal orders to Northern Ireland.
You need to create removal order for the local address in UK.
What do you think about that? I am speechless!!!

Removal Order - error message

Perfectly correct. It is the United Kingdom of Great Britain [England, Wales and Scotland] and Northern Ireland. Did no-one ever tell you that before?


But that’s correct - Northern Ireland isn’t part of Great Britain

Edit - oh, pipped to the answer!


Thank you for the Geography lesson, but we are talking business here and since when we can not recall inventory to the Norther Ireland?
NI, Wales, Scotland and England are part of the shipment setting on all your FBA orders (now may be exception for CE marked items going to NI). I have been sending and receiving inventory from and to AMZ all this time on NI address, up until last 3-4 weeks. What has changed since May?


Discussed here, automatic removals were working but manually submitted removal orders are failing.


Thank you Anglozone.


We haven’t had anything returned for at least a couple of months. Thankfully we have relatives in England who are taking the returns for us.


The last order I have received was 10.05.21. Then I do not recall any notifications of such changes.


We got an email in Feb/March to say they were stopping returns to NI. It might have went into your spam.

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