Not a pleasant message from a Chinese seller




NOTE, NOT ME SAYING THIS – Kids Heroes translates from Chinese as: Would you please stop blackmailing me with unproven threats or I will report your misconduct towards other sellers to Amazon. Amazon is the owner of the listing and I am selling the same product as in the picture and the same brand.


Firstly, this is a UK forum, so put in English, and do not threaten Sellers. The Co you are replying to mentioned no Seller name, so you obviously know it is you they are talking about, as you must be the guilty party.


Personally, I wish all Chinese Sellers were immediately banned if they sell a generic product and say it is their brand, when clearly it isn’t. It should be listed by the factory brand if not branded in any other way on the product. If no branding on the item/packaging, as hard to find where it was manufactured, should liability be needed if something happened, then, it should not be sold on Amz at all.

If an unbranded item, then all Sellers should be able to sell that item, and no Chinese Seller try to ban another Seller in this way. If branded, even if an unknown make, again all Sellers are allowed to sell it, not just 1 chosen Seller who listed it, the same as we all have to put up with for items we buy from known brands like Dove Soap, Sony, etc.


It looks like you have listed under the same ASIN, which is branded. You should edit your own listing and shouldn’t be on the branded ASIN listing, the brand owner of this listing have the rights to report you as " counterfeit". This seller sent you a warning letter instead reporting to Amazon right away, if they did, your account will receive alert from Amazon, if i were you i would stop selling on this listing.
I don’t think it’s a good idea selling on other sellers listings, they put effort building their listings, suddently you just sell on their listings and steal their buyers and effort… Any seller will be angry at seeing this…


It reads more to me as though Kids-Heroes is offering a reply for the OP to give to whoever sent them the unpleasant message initially?


you need to register your own brand, and private label the products…that way, you are protected.


you need to register your own brand, and private label the products…that way, you are protected.

At the moment, you are selling against someone else’s private label brand.

It’s partly the Chinese sellers fault, they should use a different brand to sell their wholesale products, and create a unique brand on the UK market.

As they currently are operating, it causes confusion for new sellers like yourself.

Buy the same product, label it with your own registered brand and that will resolve it for you.


report to Amazon, you’ve got the message as proof


Woah, pump the brakes.

No you can’t just buy things from “a seller in China” and list them against someone else’s listings without checking (amongst other things);

  • They are the exact same item
  • The items are from the correct and approved manufacturer with matching invoices
  • The items are legitimate and not counterfeit
  • The items are branded and labelled correctly and legally (eg CE mark, kite mark, nutrition, EU addresses etc – you mention electronics, flammable items, and chemicals in your post so this is a big deal)
  • You are allowed to sell them on Amazon (both from Amazon’s perspective with regards to their own policies and the perspective of any rights holders or in accordance with any selling restrictions from manufacturers or the law)

If you can’t be absolutely 100% certain that you are listing a product that has come from the same factory and with the same branding as the listing you have attached it to, and that you are allowed to do so, I would pull it ASAP and at the very least rebrand it, make sure it meets all selling and safety criteria, register a trademark, sign up to brand registry, sign up to GS1, and list on your own listings.


When a buyer adds an item to their shopping cart (pending) I think it removes the item from your quantity available, but as far a I’m aware it’s time limited so will cancel itself out unless they proceed with a purchase. No idea how long this lasts, maybe a couple of days so I would hang on 2/3 days to see if your stock becomes available again.


The seller seems to have 4 different business accounts and every time the pending item ends they just buy it all over again and so the cycle continues.



Before selling them I put the barcode on the search on Amazon and it came up as an exact match on this item. I then went to adding to Prime and Amazon stated I can send this item to Prime for sale.

So that is exactly what I have done.


Not that I condone it but when in Rome…


I have just had the same message from another of there buyers … So it is not the seller who is sending the messages it is the business buyers that are sending the messages saying -


Exact same message.

So I have reported them to Amazon - The buyer is trying to harass or intimidate me


Unfortunately that doesn’t mean a green light to sell, as it’s the sellers responsibility to ensure they are eligible to sell on particular listing. If the listing is branded (as this is), then an aggressive seller with the means to do so will have you booted off the listing one way or another, and it’s clear this seller is happy to use black hat tactics to do so.

If you believe you are in fact selling the exact same product, by the exact same brand, then you can try to fight it, but you can likely that to banging your head against a brick wall as Amazon will not help you.

As many others have already stated, your best option would be to remove this particular stock and sell elsewhere, and put this down to lesson learnt.


That’s irrelevant to everything else unfortunately. To take it to an extreme; someone could stick a Nike barcode on a box of bricks but obviously couldn’t actually sell it.

You still have to make sure the product you’re selling meets the other criteria.


Unfortunately Amazon is full of Chinese tat.

Basically the same product, someone then mashes the keyboard for a new brand name, then sets that up as their brand (to get the buy box and increase margin)


That’s not quite how it works - unless something has changed in the last year or so. Adding an item to the cart doesn’t change the quantity available and “lock” he item - that only happens once it gets to the payment stage and the payment itself fails.

If i have a single copy of a book for sale it is possible for 100 buyers to add it to their cart and leave it there. Buyer 101 could then still add it and actually buy it. Should any of the other 100 then attempt to complete the transaction they get a message saying it’s no longer available from the seller.


Amazon need to remember that they have built their reputation on the backs of longtime sellers with excellent track records. If they now want to throw those sellers under the bus and have their site run by Chinese gangs that’s up to them, but it will come back to bite them in the long run.


Wow, they bought all your items and even mentioned it in a message? This is enough evidence to boot them off amazon. Some dude on this forum was apparently deactivated for abusing the system like this and he had brand registry too.
I understand the seller’s frustration but if you reported them with this evidence (their message) and amazon still didn’t act, then i just don’t know anymore.