Not checked in after a month



Anyone know how to deal with FBA shipments which the tracking shows as delivered but which are not checked it with AMazon

I used UPS via Amazon to ship 2 cartons. The tracking in Amazon shows them as delivered on the 9th and 10th Oct. One was checked in after a day or so as usual but the other is still not checked in.

I can’t open a reconcile case as not all are checked in.

I’ve contacted seller support who told me that I need to wait until its checked in.

My worry is that it’ll never be checked in at this point and I’ll not be able to claim,

Anyone know the way to resolve this?



I had this recently, after many…many messages back and forth with SS I asked managingdirector@amazon to look at it and it was reimbursed within 3-4 days.


Unfortunately, FBA shipments are often taking weeks to get checked in into Amazon’s warehouses.

In can only advise you to allow some additional time and if there is no resolution, either escalate the matter by contacting the executive department or send Amazon a LBA, which already worked for many sellers.


Thanks folks. I very rarely have one that takes more than a few days from delivery to check in but I’ll give it a few more days and trying managing director if no joy